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German version: Footballer Manager 3
Copyright/Publisher: Addictive Games Limited/Prism Leisure Corp., Programmed By: Miles Barry,
Graphics & Animations By: Mike Marchant, Product Origination & Designed By: Bedrock Software,
Brian Rogers, Project Management By: Mark Pearce, Game Testing By: Mete Djemal,
Release Year: 1992, Genre: Football/Soccer, Number Of Players: 1
The Football Manager Series - Over 1.000.000 sold worldwide.
1 was wonderful, 2 was terrific, 3 is the ultimate challenge!

The greatest series of Football Management Strategy Games reaches new heights as you get the chance to control all aspects of your team's fortunes.

Success or failure depends on your skill, judgement and managerial abilities in the transfer market, on the training ground, in the office and on the pitch.

Many great new features including:
* Contract registrations
* Career histories
* Training schedules
* Club finances come together to make Football Manager 3, the final word in Soccer Management Simulations.