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Powerboat USA
- Offshore Superboat Racing -
Relased in USA as Heatwave. It changed title in Europe. In the same year probably some months before Accolade released this game, Hewson released a game compilation named 'Heatwave'.
Copyright/Publisher: Accolade, Design: Rick Banks & Paul Butler, Programming: Lise Mendoza,
Graphics: Grant Campbell, Release Year: 1989, Genre: Water Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2
Taming the Waters
Have you ever wondered what would it be like to be strapped in front of a pair of supercharged Lamborghini V-12 rocket launchers? How about planing across the Gulf of Mexico at 100 MPH, kicking up a monster rooster tail that can be seen on the beach, maybe five miles away.

Imagine: No traffic. No cops. No conscience. Just you, a few fish, and about 11,000 pounds of screaming muscleboat built of space-age metal alloys, designed to run about 1,300 horsepower at open throttle. This kind of machine that guys like Don Johnson, star of Miami Vice, might take for a spin in the Offshore World Championships.

For real speed freaks, hoisting a spinnaker on even the fastest 12-meter yacht causes shrieking boredom. You need huge throbbing MerCruiser 420s that eat a gallon of gas every three-quarters of a mile - three of them whenever possible, maybe mounted on a Kevlar hull. You need speedmaster drives and hydraulic steering systems. You need a little thunder on the water.

Welcome to Heat Wave.

Race a million-dollar super boat through 3-D courses. Seven ton, fifty-foot monsters. Computer designed. Hulls 38 times stronger than steel. Each behemoth can cruise near 100 mph - and their V-8 turboprops can puree the ocean like a blender.

Race head-to-head against 4 computer opponents. Captains courageous. Scout out their boats, skills and stats - then watch the heat from a variety of camera angles and zooms. Battle it out under the bridges- but stay sharp. It's a long dog-paddle home.

Bring the ocean to a boil, The rumble like thunder in the distance. The unmistakable sound of 3200 horsepower ripping apart a calm sea. The superboats are coming.

Heat Wave: Offshore Superboat Racing puts you at the helm of 4 nautical thoroughbreds as you compete on a circuit of realistic, three-dimensional courses.

A fast fleet of 4 computer skippers stands between you and the most prestigious title in all of powerboat racing: US 1- best in the world. Buckle your life vest, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Race on open ocean, rivers and through city canals. What'll it be, skipper? Capsize a few canoes on the Mississippi or wake up the citizens of Miami? You've got 6 world-class race courses to roostertail through- or create and save your own custom course.

Race in different weather and water conditions. Mother Nature takes her best shot. Your Superboat rocks in squalls- bounces in angry seas. Cut a wave wrong and you'll flip like a penny. Navigate by compass, landmarks or Loran. This is real racing, wakes and all.

Perform on-board repairs via the 3-D pit screen. It's mid-race. You've blown a prop. And the pit crew is six miles away on a dock. What to do? Call up the high-tech Pit Screen. Inspect your ship from stem to stern, make repairs, then get the hull outa' there.