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Released in Europe by Activision in 1985 as "On Field Baseball"
Copyright/Publisher: Gamestar, Created By: Dan Urgin, Scott Orr & Bruce Mitchell,
Adapted By: John Fitzpatrick & Programmers 3, Special Thanks To: David Chan & Humm,
Release Year: 1983, Genre: Baseball, Number Of Players: 1 or 2
For one or two players.
Choose your starting team and pitcher.
Bring in a knuckleball throwing reliever when your starter "tires"'.
Play solitaire against a hard hitting computer team or human opponent - take batting practice against the legendary "Heat Muldoon".
Two realistic screens of enhanced play.
Incredibly lifelike animation, from the wind-up of the pitcher to the arc (and shadow) of a fly ball.
Totally involving sounds, from the crack of the bat and cheer of the crowd to the music of the 7th inning stretch.
Use with (1) or (2) joystick controllers.
Player Perspective Graphics. Incredibly lifelike animation and totally involving sounds put you in control for the inning stretch!

Congratulations. You're in the middle of a tight pennant race and momentum is on your side. But everyone's out to beat you, especially the hard-hitting computer team.

So if your want to win the pennant, please read this official program. With the right combination of pitching, hitting and strategy, you may even become a Star Leaguer! Have fun.

As in real, your goal in Star League Baseball is to outscore your opponent in 9 innings (extra innings if necessary). If you beat the computer team, consider yourself a Star Leaguer!

Take batting practice against the legendary "Heat" Muldoon to fine-tune your swing.