5th March 2005

Beach Buggy Simulator

Copyright/Publisher: Silverbird
Programmed By: Probe Software
Release Year: 1988
Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Beach Buggy SimulatorBeach Buggy Simulator

Also known as Boxen (Dutch Version) & Boxen (German Version) & Knockout & Rocky.

Copyright/Publisher: Unknown
Release Year: Unknown
Number Of Players: 2


Cricket Crazy

Alternative Software

Written By: Charles A. Sharp
Release Year: 1988
Number Of Players: 1

Cricket CrazyCricket Crazy

PET Super Baseball
aka Baseball 64

Programmed By:
Jinshi Suzuki & Bill Munch

Release Year: 1983
Number Of Players: 2

PET Super BaseballPET Super Baseball

The C64 Banner Exchange
The C64 Banner Exchange