100 Mile Race
Copyright/Publisher: Commodore Microcomputers Magazine, Programmed & Music By:
Randy Meyle, Release Year: 1986, Genre: Racing Sports, Number Of Players: 1


NOTE: You must have a joystick plugged into Port Two to play this game.

We realize that driving can be a frustrating experience. "If just one more station wagon cuts me off in traffic," you tell yourself, "if just one more souped up Camaro passes me on the shoulder, if just one more rusted-out '67 Ford pickup pulls out in front of me when I'm already late to work..."

Now don't do anything rash. The last thing the world needs is another maniac on the road.

Instead, when you get home and have cooled out a bit, Randy Meyle's road-racing game might help you unwind.

The object of the game is to guide your car for 100 miles over winding roads and around, not over, inattentive pedestrians. A good driver can complete the course in about two minutes. Try not to be too reckless though; every time you run off the road or hit a jaywalker, you lose time.

You can avoid crashes by downshifting, then upshifting when you wants to speed up. Move the joystick up and down to shift gears. The gear you're in (0-4) and the number of miles you've traveled are displayed at the bottom of the screen.