3 Cushion Billiards
Copyright/Publisher: Kilobaud/Phil Feldman & Tom Rugg, Adapted for Pug By:
Bud Tryon, Genre: Snooker/Pool, Release Year: 1978, Number Of Players: 1 or 2


The object of the game is to direct the cue ball at an angle so that it hits a combination of both object balls and three cushions. You must hit at least one cushion before hitting BOTH balls.

Scoring is as follows:
Both balls and 3 cushions = 3 pts.
Both balls and 2 or 4 cushions = 2 pts.
Both balls and 1 or 5 cushions = 1 pt.
Any other combination = 0 pts.

To aim your shot, use the following as your angle directions:
000 Degrees = Right
090 Degrees = Up
180 Degrees = Left
270 Degrees = Down