3D Stock Cars II
Copyright/Publisher: Challenge Software, Designed & Programmed By: Alan
Cresswell, Release Year: 1991, Genre: Racing Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2


Up to four players can compete in the championship, racing cars around 24 different circuits. On each circuit the players must first compete for grid position in the qualifying period before competing in the actual race. When the lights turn green the race is on.

The player with the most points after the 24th race is the stock car champion. Select the method of control for each of the four cars by using keys A and Q to choose the car number (1-4) and W and S to select the controls from the following options.

Keyboard Controls

Left - Right - Accelerate - Brake
1 player only Keys: ERIK E - R - I - K
2 players Keys: QSDX Q - S - D - X
2 players Keys: NKPEn N - K - P - Enter

Joystick Controls

Left - Stick left
Right - Stick right
Accelerate - Fire button
Brake - Stick down

Each car has eight forward gears; you may only accelerate to the top level of speed for the gear you are in. A quick on/off of the acceler- ator changes gear up or down depending, respectively, upon whether you are accelerating or braking. You start to reverse when continuing to brake after your speed has reached zero.

Computer Control: Use Q and A to select level (1-15).
Unwanted: Select this option for each car that is not required.
Sound Simulation (car 1 only): Press T for on and G for off.
Number of Laps: Use R and F to select (1-99) for each race.
Instruction Summary: Press I.
Start: Press P.

Options are indicated by inverse type.
Use SYMBOL SHIFT and SPACE to cut short the qualifying period of the race.
Use SYMBOL SHIFT, SPACE and M to quite the game and return to the title page.