4 Soccer Simulators
Copyright/Publisher: Codemasters, Coding & Graphics By: Codemasters Squad, Designed By: Gaxx, Pete, Mike, Rick,
Music By: Matt Gray & David Whittaker, Release Year: 1989, Genre: Football/Soccer, Number Of Players: 1 or 2


11-A-SIDE SOCCER - This is it - THE soccer game. It's got everything - fouls, corners, goal kicks, penalties, throw-ins, off-side and much, much more. Play the computer or friends - you'll love this game, it's ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!

INDOOR SOCCER - Real 5-a-side soccer with full indoor rules. There's fast action and loads of goals because play isn't interrupted by throw- ins, corners or goal kicks - the ball just bounces off the walls - A TRUE SIMULATOR!

STREET SOCKER - Excellent fun - soccer with no rules! Hack the other players and watch them roll around the road in agony! Be careful - don't lose the ball over a wall. You'll have great fun as you shoot the cars, off the houses and around the trees. JUST LIKE THE REAL THING!

SOCCER SKILLS - You've gotta train hard to be the best ... 100m sprints, take penalties, goalie practice, dribble around cones, press-ups, sit- ups - faster! - bench jumps, weight lifting, full circuit training AND MORE!


There are four separate games which have to be loaded individually. 11-A-SIDE SOCCER and INDOOR SOCCER are on Side 1 of the tape, STREET SOCCER and SOCCER SKILLS are on Side 2.

The games are compatible with joystick or keyboard.

Use the SPACEBAR and ENTER keys to select an option from the menu in each of the games. You can choose how many people can play (1-4) - (1-2) for C64 - from the menu. There are various combinations - play against the computer or a friend or team up with a friend to beat the computer.

To choose JOYSTICK or KEYBOARD, select CHOOSE CONTROLS from the first screen using SPACE and ENTER.

During the game each player can control only one footballer at a time - he's the one with a box and a number over his head! The computer will make sure you always control the player nearest the ball. You can change to the next nearest player by pressing your FIRE button.

To control the ball simply run your player into it - you can now dribble the ball around the pitch. To kick the ball at medium height press your FIRE button. To kick a low pass press FIRE + DIRECTION that you're running. To kick a high ball press FIRE + OPPOSITE DIRECTION that you're running. The power of the kick depends on how fast you're running.

FREE KICKS, CORNERS, GOAL KICKS, PENALTIES - Run at the ball in the direction you want to kick it - you don't have to press the fire button.

THROW-INS - Point the player in the direction you want to throw and press FIRE.

11-A-SIDE SOCCER - Full professional soccer rules.

INDOOR SOCCER - The game is played in a totally enclosed area - there are no throw-ins, goal kicks or corners - the ball just bounces off the walls. There is no off-side rule, but a free kick is given if you enter the other team's goalmouth with the ball. The pitch is very small so be ready to defend quick attacks and take advantage of lucky breaks!

STREET SOCCER - Soccer in your own back yard! Dribble around houses, on pavements and cars, bouncing the ball off walls and fences to score spectacular goals. There are hardly any rules in Street Soccer, so be careful not to get fouled by the other team!

SOCCER SKILLS - Build up your strength, stamina and skills in this football training game.

BALL CONTROL - Dribble through the cones - to the top and back again. GOALKEEPING / PENALTY TRAINING - Practice these skills to improve your 11-A-Side game.

SPRINT TRAINING - Use LEFT and RIGHT alternately and rapidly to sprint to the top of the path and back again. PRESS-UPS - Use UP and DOWN controls to complete a number of press-ups in as short a time as possible - watch your energy level, though.

WEIGHT LIFTS - Use diagonal controls (UP + RIGHT, DOWN + RIGHT, UP + LEFT, DOWN + LEFT) to build those muscles.

SIT-UPS - A real stamina builder - same controls as Weight Lifts.

BAR LIFTS - A steady UP and DOWN rhythm is best here to conserve your strength.

BAR JUMPS (not in Amstrad version) - Use UP + RIGHT and UP + LEFT to leap backwards and forwards.

CIRCUIT TRAINING - The clock starts running straight away and won't stop until you've finished ... Press the FIRE button to start each exercise and see how fast you can complete the whole circuit. There are three different circuits: short, average and serious fitness.