911 Tiger Shark
Copyright/Publisher: Elite Software, Designed & Produced By: The Gamescaping Team,
Created By: Chris Harvey, Release Year: 1985, Genre: Racing Sports, Number Of Players: 1

Produced with technical assistance from DUNLOP TYRES - SP TYRES UK LIMITED

A fearsome journey ahead. A grim evening. The world's leading sports car. Hasty collections of equipment. A frantic race against time at every stage. Only the ultimate driving skills and the best use of extra equipment will get you to your destination.

* Equipment Choice Selection
* Super Smooth Scrolling Scenery
* Eight Unique Game Stages
* Stage Timer and Bonus
* Detailed 'On-Screen' Game Monitor
* Equipment Collection Stages

The course is there, waiting, all set to devour you at the slightest mistake. Eight fierce sections, each with it's own challenges. Skilful driving and thoughtful use of extra equipment is the key to the game. You will choose Dunlop tyres of course, but which ones? SP82 Rally Tyre for dusty conditions? Perhaps Dunlop formula for all round rally performance?

The choice is yours and it could cost you your life. At the least it will cost you money. Life would be simple if finances were bottomless but alas no. You only have two thousand pounds to spend on your vehicle. Not only that but you are responsible for collecting the equipment yourself. So as you may gather, the task ahead is to say the least, a bit tough!

The game is divided into two sections. The first, The Buying Section, is where the player can pay for the extra equipment he or she may need in the chase. The second, The Chase, is where the player takes the vehicle to its limits on screen, picking up the extra equipment ordered and evading the enemy.

You have been assigned two thousand pounds with which to modify your 911TS. With only a bare 911TS the time limits will defeat you. There are four Sections from which you can choose. You may choose to leave a section out entirely to save money, or try to spread your money evenly. First on screen will be the Tyre Stage.

Your cash total will be displayed along with the equipment options. Choose your equipment by pressing the number shown on the menu, or just press 'S' to use standard tyres (Dunlop SP Sports Super D4). The cost of the equipment will be deducted from your money. Equipment is chosen for stages 1, 3, 5 and 7.

The next stage will then be displayed once you have made your choice, the final stage being numbered seven. The program will not accept any choice that exceeds your cash remaining. Use 'S' to skip any stages that you cannot afford. After the choice for stage seven, you can start the chase by either pressing a key for keyboard control, or move the joystick for joystick control.

The chase is set out over large route which is mapped out on-screen. It is divided into eight stages in which there are different hazards to avoid by effective use of steering and brakes. Additionally there is the chasing car that will try and knock you off the road.

In stages 1, 3, 5 and 7 there may be equipment to pick up, depending on what was bought in the buying section. Drive the car on to the equipment to collect it. From that point on, you will have the benefit of modification. Each stage has a time limit for completion, if this time limit is exceeded then the game ends.

If the stage is completed with time to spare then a bonus is awarded. If the whole map is completed, then you will have to try your talents at a higher level, over the same map. Damage will accumulate as you collide with hazards or the following car. The game will end when damage is total!

Joystick LEFT - Move Car To The Left
Joystick RIGHT - Move Car To The Right
Joystick UP - Accelerate
Joystick DOWN - Brake

Designed and produced by the Gamescaping Team.
Elite Systems, 55 Bradford Street, Walsall, England. Telex 335622 SPETEL G