Alternative World Games
Copyright/Publisher: Gremlin/Novotrade, Game Concept: Ian Stewart & Tamas Revbiro, Programmed by: Gyula Hodi, Attila Korisanszki, Gabor Pongyor & Antal Zolnai, Graphics by: Attila Horvath & Janos Zana,
Music/Effects by: Ben Dalglish, Release Year: 1988, Genre: Multi Events, Number Of Players: 1 to 4

After all those serious sports sims, try a bit of light relief with some rather unusual events - sack racing in Naples, boot throwing at the Colosseum, pole climbing in Verona and running up walls in Venice, to name but a few!

On the credit screen, press FIRE to display the Country Selection Menu. Type your name and press ENTER, then choose your country with UP/DOWN and FIRE. On the next screen, you will see a video recorder and nine monitors. Using UP/DOWN, change the "channel number" on the video and press FIRE to light up each game's monitor. By doing this you can select any number or combination of the eight events. The ninth monitor allows you to choose between COMPETITION and PRACTICE using LEFT/RIGHT. At the end of the practice session you get the option to try an event again; in a competition you only do each event once.

Choose your opponent, then begin the event. Use LEFT/RIGHT to move your player along - you will need good timing! If you fall, use UP to stand up again, and use UP/DOWN to negotiate the manholes in the road. To jump, press FIRE.

Press UP/DOWN to increase or decrease the number of plates which you want to try to carry, then press FIRE to begin. Use UP/DOWN to control your walking speed, and LEFT/RIGHT to move his arms back and forth. FIRE drops one plate from the top of the pile.

Select an empty boot or a boot filled with water (heavier, but travels further) and press FIRE to begin. LEFT/RIGHT swings the boot around in the air, building up speed, while FIRE throws it.

Press FIRE to start running. Your speed depends on the angle of the pole, controlled with UP/DOWN. The best angle is dead level, but the pole is heavy and may drop. If the angle is low enough, the jump will begin at the water's edge. Press FIRE to let go of the pole and vault to the other side.

Choose your opponent and press FIRE to begin. To climb the pole, you must follow the sequence UP-FIRE-DOWN-FIRE-UP-FIRE, etc. The speed of your climbing depends on how fast you can do this. If you reach the bottle of champagne at the top of the pole, you must then safely slide down again. Press FIRE every so often to slow your slide, otherwise you will drop the bottle.

To start running, press UP. Use UP/DOWN to control your speed. The parrot which carries the hat will stop three times in the air before he drops it. To catch the hat, you will need to be directly below it as it falls and press FIRE. As you approach the wall, press FIRE and then UP to jump up the wall. At the highest point you reach, press FIRE to make the hat stick to the wall. Land safely again using LEFT and DOWN. An attempt is only successful if you have the hat!

Choose your opponent and press FIRE to begin. Try to knock your opponent into the water by hitting him with your pillow. The player who falls into the water loses the event.
For both players:
DOWN - defend your nearest side
UP - defend your furthest side
FIRE + UP - hit to your nearest side
FIRE + DOWN - hit to your furthest side

For the left hand player:
RIGHT - defend a hit from above
FIRE + RIGHT - hit from above

For the right hand player:
LEFT - defend a hit from above
FIRE + LEFT - hit from above

You must pogo your way around the maze-like course, bursting the balloons within the time limit of 9 minutes 59 seconds. UP moves in the direction you are facing, DOWN moves in the opposite direction and LEFT/RIGHT changes the direction. FIRE stands you up again after a fall or makes you jump higher.