American Express
Copyright/Publisher: Double Density, Programming & Graphics By: Lars Sneftrup, Music By:
Jens Blidon (Lords Of Sonics), Release Year: 1989, Genre: Motorcycle Sports, Number Of Players: 1


The idea of this game is that you will have to drive through the whole USA iwth your motor-bike. There are 19 other competitors, who are in the race.

The game is controlled by a joystick in port 2. However, there are 2 times, where you will need to use the keyboard. The first time is on the title page, where you will have to give some information about yourself and the other time is in the game, when you wish to activate the special functions.

Note that if you hold CTRL and CBM while playing, you will abort the whole game! (if you wish to re-start!)


When the game has loaded, there will be a short pause while the game is decrunching and then a menu will come up. On this menu you can choose the music you wish to hear.

Do remember that the tune you select will play all the time while you are playing the game. When you have selected the tune you wish to hearm you must press the fire-button and then the title page will come up.

On the title page, you must write your name, the vehicle you drive and the country you are representing. When you have done that, you are at the league menu.

On the league menu, you will see the 20 persons that are in the race. (which includes you) Each time a stage is completed, league points will be granted depending on which position you have in the race, when you reach the end of the distance. To continue, you must press fire-button again.

Now you will see a map of the U.S.A. On the map, a distance is highlighted. The highlighted distance is the distance you are going to drive. Below the map, you can see from where and to where you are going to drive and how far it is.

Furthermore there are some information for you in the scroller in the bottom-right corner of the screen. To go on, you will again have to press the fire-button.

Now you are at the "Motor Shop". Here you have the option of buying handy things for your motor-bike: you can even cheat - if you haver the money. Here are the options:

1. Buy Booster ($800). This makes you go twice as fast for a while.
2. Buy Guns ($700). The guns will make you be able to shoot all other cars!
3. Buy Shield ($600). When you hit the other cars or the bombs, you will not die.
4. Buy Detector ($500). For a short while, you can drive through all the ground.
5. Pass Stage ($300). Make you pass the stage, which you where suppose to race.
6. Bribe League ($800). This will give you 2 extra league points.
7. Bribe Score ($700). This will give you 1000 extra points.
8. Bribe Timer ($600). If the time runs out, the game will not be over. Note that this only works on the coming stage.
9. Replay Stage ($500). You can replay the stage, on which you have just played.
10.) Repair Bike ($300). This wil put your damage-percentage to 000%.

Note that the first 4 items only works a limited number of times.

Read the Onfo-Line on the same screen for further information.

To select option, you must move the joystick, and to play the stage, you must move down to "Start Race" and press fire-button.

Now you are in the game, and here are the information about the joystick-controlling:
UP = Accelerate
DOWN = Brake
LEFT = Go Left
RIGHT = Go Right

On the top of the screen, you can see a board, where your game-information are stored. There are 5 items on the board:

1. Time. When the time reaches 00:00:00, the game is over.

2. Score. This is your score, which you will be registrered after when you are registrered for the hi-score list.

3. Speed. This is the speed you are driving.

4. Distance. This is the distance left until you reach the end of the distance.

5. Damage. This is your damage-percentage. If this reaches 80%, the game will be over. Because the bike is totally broken. But note that you can repair it after each stage.

No matter if you make it to the end or not, a message will come up, telling you what has happened.

The race starts in Seattle and ends there too. If you complete the game, you have driven exactly 14.000 Km!

This is all the information you need to play the game. I sincerely hope that you will enjoy this game.