Arena Football
Copyright/Publisher: C159 Production, Written & Designed By: Chris(159)
R.Bickford III, Release Year: 1988, Genre: American Football, Number Of Players: 1


The field is 50 yards long. The 4-down system is ued in AF. The goalposts are only 9 feet wide, and there are 8 men to a side. Here are some of the commands in this exciting football strategy withe a twist-ARENA FOOTBALL.

On offense:
1 Running Play
2+3 Passing Plays
4 THE BOMB-A 'Hail Mary' pass.
5 FG Try-Can be done on any down.

On defense:
1 Defend vs. Run
2 Defend vs. Pass

F3 Scoring summary of game so far.
F5 HELP Screens.
F7 Stat Report-A line score and stats of the game so far.

Arena Football is played in 4-15 minute quarters. If the game ends in a tie, the game stands as a tie.

After a touchdown, one can opt for a 2-point conversion instead of an extra point try. In AF, a 10-yard run or pass into the end zone or a dropkicked FG counts for 2 points.

The nets are what sets AF apart from conventional football. The next are set upon yellow iron structures 8 feet off the ground in each end zone. These nets are on either side of the goal posts, and if the ball bounces off them, the ball IS in play.