ATV Simulator
Copyright/Publisher: Codemasters, Programming By: Digital Persuasion, Concept By: Tim Miller,
Music By: David Whittaker, Release Year: 1987, Genre: Motorcycle Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

You must complete each course in the time limit without running out of fuel to qualify for the next course. At the start of the race use the left/right controls to run to your ATV. Then jump onto it and start riding. Use the up/down controls to wheelie and left/right to accelerate/brake. You can also turn around to get a run up for a jump. Use the jump control to get extra lift when you go up a ramp and also to clear sharp edges without crashing. To get up steep surfaces wheelie slowly towards them and jump repeatedly to climp up.

If you crash and come off your ATV press jump to get up, run back to your ATV, face in the right direction and jump back onto it.

Press [F1] or [F3] to move selected option uo or down. Press [SPACE] to use option.

Player 1 in port 1
Player 2 in port 2

Left - Joystick Left
Right - Joystick Right
Wheelie Up - Joystick Up
Wheelie Down - Joystick Down
Jump - Fire Button

Keyboard Player 1:
Left - [C=]
Right - [SHIFT]
Wheelie Up - [E]
Wheelie Down - [F]
Jump - [SPACE]

Keyboard Player 2:
Wheelie Up - [F1]
Wheelie Down - [F3]
Jump - [F7]

Always keep your front wheel up as you climb over objects.

Never land on your front wheel.

Go slowly over ALL shart or steep objects.

Jumping obejcts reduces your chance of crashing into them.