Copyright/Publisher: Daisysoft/Byte Back, Programmed By: Delvin Sorrell, Graphics By: Debbie Sorrell,
Game Design By: Duncan Sorrell Release Year: 1991, Genre: Racing Sports, Number Of Players: 1 to 4

Autotest consists of a series of short timed courses in which the competitors use their driving skill in order to get the lowest possible time.

As well as basic driving skills competitors will also need to peform handbrake turns/j-turns in order to change direction with the maximum speed - try the controls section first.

Penalty points will be added to the competitor's time if manoeuvres are carried out incorrectly or if the course is not completed.

At the end of each course the top 2 competitors will be awarded prize money. Then all of the competitors will be able to visit the workshop and purchase upgraded parts for their cars.

Each course has a set qualifying time and the competitors must finish within this time in order to advance to the next stage.

On finishing each of the courses the competitors will be awarded points depending on their position. These points will be entered into the National Championship table.

Handbrake Turn
When the car is travelling forwards push fire and pull the joystick left or right.

When the car is travelling backwards push fire and pull the joystick left or right.

When the car is travelling forwards or backwards then press fire and pull the joystick l in the opposite direction.

Acceleration and Deceleration
Move the joystick forwards/backwards and the car will accelerate in that direction. If you move the joystick to the centre the car will slow down automatically.