Bad Cat
Copyright/Publisher: Rainbow Arts, Music By: Chris Hülsbeck,
Release Year: 1987, Genre: Multi Events, Number Of Players: 1 to 4

Bad Cat comprises of four independent levels which are connected with an interlude. After having starting the game, the program asks at first for the number of players, possilbe are one to four. After that the names of the players have to be entered with the keyboard.

Now you reach the first venue, and this is the city park. If you finish this level successfully, the interlude will be loaded. Aim of the game is to reach the next venue. Now the player finds himself in the arena of the city. As further levels the player can expect always connected with the interlude, an exciting adventure in the sewage systems of the city and duel in the local pub. After the last level the most successful players can get permanent fame in the highscore table.

Every single level has a particular time limit at its disposal. If the time runs out before the level is completed, it breaks off and the player receives no points. On the other hand remaining time will be converted in points with the multiplier 10.

Acting extremely skillfully you gain the benevolent approval of the judges by the enthusiastical clapping of the hands. In this case you receive a bonus ball. These balls will be converted after every level in additional points. In every level one ball counts as 100 points, in the interlude it counts as 2000 points.

As a street feline, it's your business to make the right moves at the right times. Use the following joystick moves for all events (unless otherwise specified).

Move Forward - push joystick handle right
Move Backward - push left
Jump up - Push up
Jump diagonally - Push up diagonally
Crawl - pull joystick handle down (only works when needed)
Somersault - push up and press fire button

This is no leisurely Sunday stroll. This is do-or-die competition at a frantic inner-city pace. Your goal is to get from one side of the park to the other. Jump over obstacles, trampolines, and finally a motorcycle ride.

Water Jumps
You gotta jump over them.

Garden Walls
You can jump over them or from wall to wall.

Circus Ball
Jump onto it from a wall. Keep your balance by moving joystick left and right. If you stay on long enough you will automatically jump off and get bonus points.

Train Trestle
Crawl under it.

Jump on the trampoline to catapult your way to high places. Land in the middle of the trampoline for higher bounces. For the highest bounce, push the joystick handle up just before you land.

Jungle Gym
Jump to the first crossbar. Then use left/right moves to swing your way through.

Press the fire button to jump onto the swing. Use left/right moves to get it going. At your highest point, push right and press the button to leap off the swing and grab the key that's dangling from the streetlight.

Jump onto a wall, then jump diagonally onto the trampoline, push the joystick handle right, and press the fire button. These moves should somersault you onto the waiting motorcycle.

After each event, you've got to dash across town on your motorcycle to get to the next event. Look for the flashing red light and make a beeline for it. Watch out for cops though. Avoid bulldozers, they waste time. Collect as many rotating disks (by running over them) as you can. They are worth valuable bonus points.

As soon as you reach the red light, press the fire button. You'll be whisked off to the next event.


The shape you need to knock off is shown on the big screen just above the pool. Hexagons can be knocked off at any time.

High Jumps
Crouch before you jump by pulling back, then press the fire button. While in midair, adjust your position by moving the joystick handle to the left or right. Once you're high enough and in position, quickly press the fire button to knock a shape off the high board.

Do a high-jump. While inmidair, push to the upper left or upper right and press the fire button. Somersaulting twice in a row earns bonus points.

Avoid falling debris, grimy rats, and other creepy creatures. And all the while your biggest challenge will be staying out of the slimy water running right below you!

To turn on the light, move to the left of the switch. Then press the button and move right.

Jump onto a barrel, then keep your balance by moving left and right.

Fortunately, you can get rid of these pesky pests. Press the fire button, then push right to punch high, to the left to punch low, and down to kick.

Bottom Pipes
Easy does it! To crawl, pull down and move left and right. Press the fire button while crawling to back up.

Overhead Pipes
Jump to grab the first pipe. Then use fast left/right moves with the joystick handle to swing across.

To climb, press the button and push up. To descend, press the button and pull down.

Mad Dog
Escape him by moving the joystick handle rapidly left and right -- the faster the better.

This event is a bowling match. It's not that big of a deal except that you and your opponent use each other for bowling pins. Whoever gets hit with a bowling ball has to go up to the bar and drink a big milkshake. After a few glasses, you start to get so full that you can't move quickly. The event is over as soon as one of you drinks six shakes or your time runs out.

Push left to pick up your ball. Then push right to bowl down the lane. To change lanes, move up or down.

Walk up to the bar by pushing up. Then press teh button to drink.

Your goal is to get through each event as fast as possible. by giving glowing performances in each event, you can also collect bonus points.

Your Time
Each event has its own time limit, shown at the lower right of the screen. The top number is your time completing the event. The bottom number is the time remaining. When the event ends, you go on to the next event.

Your Score
For every successful maneuver you perform you receive bonus balls. At the end of each event, if you finish on time, the bonus balls are converted into points.

Bonus balls in an event - 100 points each.
Bonus balls in an interlude - 200 points each.
Time left after event - Number of seconds times 10 in points.