Copyright/Publisher: 64'er/Markt&Technik, Created By: Marcus Arends &
Thorsten Ruether, Release Year: 1987, Genre: Table Tennis, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

This program represents a new and more difficult rendered version of a long known game in which two players (or one player vs computer) must try to reflect a ball with their rackets in order that the ball won't get into their goals.

So the racket is a kind of 'goalkeeper' and is controlled with Joystick in Port #2. Moreover a beam which constantly changes its position in the grid and alters the direction of the ball when it hits makes the game more difficult.

By this means you have to reacy very quick, e.g. when the obstacle is really close to your goal. Furthermore there a six skill levels which just don't make the game any easier.

The program

After loading


and starting


the title screen appears. By press any key the game grid is displayed. There you may adjust following settings:

[F1] 2 players or 1 players vs computer
[F3] changes speed: 1 (slow) - 6 (fast)

You can read the current settings on the lower screen border.

By pressing [FIRE] you can start the game. If you cannot ward off a ball (= a hit for your opponent) your game partner receives 10 points. When achieving 100 points (= 10 hits) the player concerned wins. After [FIRE] you return to the title screen.