Created By: Robert Cooper, Release Year: Unknown, Genre: Baseball, Number Of Players: 2


To begin Baseball load and run the program. The first thing it will ask you for are the team names and their colours.

The averages and the approximate distance the pitchers will go will then be displayed for each team. Press any key to continue from there.

Next the score board will be displayed. To begin plays press the key G.

The batter uses joystick port 1. The pitcher uses joystick port 2. There are 5 different pitches as shown in the example below.

UP = High Slow Ball
RIGHT = Low Fast Ball
DOWN = Fast Ball Strike
LEFT = Sinker Strike
NOTHING = High Fast Ball

To pitch the ball hold the joystick in the desired position and press the fire button.

To hit the ball the batter must press the fire button as the ball crosses the plate.

The batters avarege is displayed at the top of the screen along with the count and the men on base. When there is a 1 in the corresponding position then there is a man on base.
*EG. men on: 1 0 0 (man on first)

If the team at bat wishes the lead runner to steal then push the joystick forward before the pitch.

When the ball is hit the screen will display the outfield and the home run fence. To catch the ball the defence can maneuver the fielder under or to the ball. Use the joystick to move and the fire button to jump.

To throw the ball in, push the joystick to the desired position.
DOWN = Home Plate
RIGHT = 1st Base
UP = 2nd Base
LEFT = 3rd Base

In the later innings your pitcher may begin throwing balls beyond your control. Time to go to the bullpen!

In between innings press P then F1 to change team 1's pitcher. For team 2 press F3. During an inning the P is not necessary.