Basket Playoff
Copyright/Publisher: Simulmondo, Graphics, Programming & Sound FX By: Ivan Venturi, Coding By: Pietro Pino,
Testing By: Andrea Bradamakti, Produced By: Fransesco Carla, Music By: Stefano Palmonari,
Intro Coding By: Steve Balzani, Release Year: 1992, Genre: Basketball, Number Of Players: 1 or 2


Following a brief animated introduction. During which you can choose the language you want the game to be in. The game will load. After loading, you'll be able to change the players' names and playing traits (which will appear in the BUY and SELL screen) and also the names of the teams. The face, name and traits of the player you've chosen will appear in the MAIN screen.

If you want to chane your player's name move the cursor to highlight the name of the player. Type in a new name and confirm your choice by pressing the RETURN key. To change his playing traits, you must highlight the histogram that represents the trait you want to modify and then move the joy to the right and left with the FIRE button held down. How much the player is worth will change automatically.

The player's traits are:
ST = Stamina
SK = Skill in getting set for taking shot.
SH = Shooting Ability
SP = Speed In Running

Use the left and right arrow icons to scroll through the roster. In order to see the complete roster, use the icon on the lower left-hand side of the monitor. Select the larger icon (the gilded ball) to scroll through the names of the teams. To change a team's name, use the cursor to highlight the name of the team you want to chane and press FIRE, then proceeded as you did to change a player's name. You may now save or load your choices (only the names of the teams and players and the players' traits. An error message will appear if you try to load a previously saved match).

Select LOAD to load your choices or SAVE to save them on cassette or disk. (The support you wisdh to LOAD or SAVE to save on that was selected previously the disk or cassette to the right of the SAVE icon the support you selected will be colored blue. Use the OK icon to move on to the next section.


The titles screens gives you access to the following choices:

To choose how long each half will last: Use the four small circles to the left of the minutesd 5, 10, 15 and 20.

The number of human players: Select the number 1, 2, 3 or 4.

Whether the game will be a championship or Tournament: Select the shield for a championship and the Cup for a tournament. Select OK to continue.

The human players may now use the joy to choose their team. If you've chosen the championship they'll be a brief loading period and the BUY and SELL screen will appear. In the case of a tournament. Use the joy to choose whether to play in the quarter finals, the semi finals or finals. You must now choose your team from the roster on the lower part of the screen and place it in the proper slot on the board. Placement depends on what kind of tournament you're setting up.

Select OK to continue, or REDO to change your selections. Remember while positioning the teams onto the board that human players' teams are the one highlighted in red and that thay must all be placed before continuing.


Access to the MAIN screen in this section will allow you to buy, sell or simply have a look at the players. To buy, use the icon-a screen similar to the editor screen will appear showing the face of the player you've chosen. In order to choose another, use the arrows. To buy, select using the second icon from the right.

Use the far right icon to scroll through the roster of available players. To sell a player, select the one you want to sell, then use the + icon. If you want to change the color of the player's jersey, use the small square shaped icons to the right of the jersey. Select OK to continue.

When the trademark of a sponsor appears, you can either accept his offer (it will be shown on the screen) or bargain for a better one. Careful though. If you ask for too much, the sponsor may retract his offer!. If you are not playing alone, the next human player may now choose to buy and sell his players. If no other deals are made, the calendar of events will appear on-screen. Press FIRE to load the next section.


You must first decide who the five basketball players on your team will be. There is no pointer in this section of the game. As you choose each player, his name will start to flash, then the names of the players you've chosen will turn green, and finally, when you've chosen five, select OK to confirm.

The match will now begin.

The player under your control will be flashing. His name will appear on the board on the bottm part of the screen under your team's name and next to your score. Total elapsed time will appear in the center of the board and the elapsed time of the play (you have 24 second to complete play) going on at the moment will appear below it.

During pauses in the game, you'll have a short amount of time to choose from 3 options. They will appears as icons on the right. Select OK to continue. Select the icon in the center (the basketball court) to change your playing strategy. You can select who will play center and who will be the wing by moving the joy up, down and sideways. Use the button to return to the game.

The iocn to the left gives you the possibility to choose the players you want on your team (TIME OUT). Careful: you may use this icoin only three times!. If you are in possession of the ball during the game and you press the joy button, the pass will be attempted to your center or wing, depending where you are on the court at the time.

If you are outside of the free shot area and you keep the joy button held down, a white arrow will appear next to your player. Use it to aim at your opponent's basket. The value of the player's SH trait is very important at this stage of the action. If you are under the basket and you keep the joy button held down, the player will try to dunk the ball.

Once having completed both playing halves of all the matches to be played that day involving human players, the next section will begin.


In this section of the program, an up-to-date standing giving the scores of all the day's played matches will appear. You can save by using the SAVE icon. Select the cassette or disk icon to choose the support on which you want to save the match. Use the OK icon to continue playing. If the championship-tournamnet is not yet terminated, you will return to the BUY and SELL screen.

If it's over, you will return to the initial selections screen.