BMX Simulator II
Copyright/Publisher: Codemasters, Release Year: 1989, Genre: Cycle Sports, Number Of Players: 1 to 4

BMX Simulator is one of the world's best selling games, with half a million copies sold so far, and over 100 weeks in the British computer software charts to date.
All the brilliant features of the original have been incorporated in BMX Simulator 2 ... and more too!
The burms, bumps and ramps really work. Strategically devised courses, full action replay with slo-mo option.
Ten new courses, two difficulty levels, up to FOUR players, customise your bikes, DIRT BIKING and QUARRY RACING scenarios ... and more!

Tap Q at any point during a game to return to the title screen. Press S to start the race. You are then told RIDERS READY - PEDALS READY - GO! Press accelerate the instant you are told to go - timing is vital; don't lose precious tenths of a second.

Race as if you are in a real BMX championship. The burms help you turn, the rough ground slows you down. All the hills and different grade surfaces affect you as in real life.

For DIRT BIKING, remember that speed is the essence, and use the burms frequently to keep your speed up.

For QUARRY RACING, you must use the momentum gained from steep downward slopes to carry you up the difficult ramps. When playing the normal game you won't be allowed to race the last course - this is only available on the difficult level.

Each player will be asked to select their preferred tyre width and chainwheel size before the start of the game. Narrow tyres are not as effective in turning, but give increased speed because of the reduction in drag. Small chainwheels allow snappy acceleration, but give a lower top speed. The riders can crash into each other and fall off their bikes, so be careful to avoid your opponents