Bob Winner
Copyright/Publisher: Loriciels, Author: B.Auré, Music By: M W, Graphics By: B.Masson,
Release Year: 1988, Genre: Fighting Sports, Number Of Players: 1

A brilliant new game. Multiple fight mode. A new generation in graphics. Digitised images andd lots and lots of music.

Beyond the realm of imagination is the wonderful world of the unknown that you have been yearning for ever since you can remember.

Countless obstacles and dangers hinder your progress, and you can hardly take a breath between fights! Take the route that leads to the volcanoes and through the wild swamps where you will be attacked by giant wasps, and beware of the quicksand, and the landslides.

In the countries that lie on your way, vicious fighters try to prevent you from going any further and you have to fight them with feet, fists, in boxing rounds, or even shoot them if you're pursue your quest.

But bruce force alond is not enough. You're on your own, against everyone and everything, and you'll need to deploy all your intelligence and wit if your want to discover just what it is you're searching for.

Start of the game
Press on Space Bar

During the game
[P] - Pause
[RUN/STOP] - Exit from game
[SPACE] - Transform into combattant

Only the controls on the right are shown on the diagrams. The same effects are obtained with the character situated to the left.

Walk And Fire Off
[UP] - Take Object
[UP + RIGHT] - Take Object
[RIGHT] - Walk
[RIGHT + DOWN] - Kick
[DOWN] - Kick

Walk And Fire On
[UP] - Jump On Spot
[UP + RIGHT] - Low Jump
[RIGHT] - High Jump
[RIGHT + DOWN] - Duck
[DOWN] - Duck

French Boxing And Fire Off
[UP] - Vault
[UP + RIGHT] - Vault
[RIGHT] - Advance
[RIGHT + DOWN] - Withdraw
[DOWN] - Withdraw

French Boxing And Fire On
[UP] - Vault + Head Blow
[UP + RIGHT] - Vault + Head Blow
[RIGHT] - Head Blow
[RIGHT + DOWN] - Leg Blow
[DOWN] - Leg Blow

Boxing And Fire Off
[UP] - Withdraw
[UP + RIGHT] - Withdraw
[RIGHT] - Advance
[RIGHT + DOWN] - Duck
[DOWN] - Duck

Boxing And Fire On
[UP] - Straight Left
[UP + RIGHT] - Straight Leg
[RIGHT] - Straight Right
[RIGHT + DOWN] - Right Hook
[DOWN] - Right Hook