Bop'n Wrestle
Copyright/Publisher: Mindscape/Melbourne House/Beam Software, Game concept: Gregg Barnett,
Designed & Programmed by: Gregg Barnett, Bruce Bayley, Cameron Duffy & Damian Watharow,
Additional Programming: Nigel Spencer & Andrew Pavlumanolakos, Graphics By: Greg Holland,
Music By: Neil Brennan, Release Year: 1986, Genre: Wrestling, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Press [F1] to start the match.
Press [F3] to choose a one or two player match.
Press [F5] to stop current match.
Press [F7] to choose between joystick or keyboard..

You are Gorgeous Greg, on the bottom right corner, and tenth ranked contender for the Championship Belt. You must overcome all nine other contenders and become champion. To defeat an opponent, you must pin him within the time limit or you will lose the match by default. The final title match has no time limit.

Each player controls a wrestler, and can be chosen by using the joystick or keyboard up/down keys. The winner is the first player to pin his opponent twice within the given time limit.

The easiest way to get a feel for the controls is to enter two player mode without a second player. Your opponent will do nothing against you, while you are free to beat him senseless. This will give you a chance to perfect a move. The simple rule to follow is to pay attention to which way your wrestler is facing.

MOVEMENT: [No button]
[LEFT] - Turn And Go Left
[UP] - Forwards
[RIGHT] - Turn And Go Right
[DOWN] - Backwards

If you continue to walk in the same direction for a few steps, you will begin to run. If you run into the ropes, you can bounce off them and gain momentum by reversing your joystick as soon as you see the ropes bend outward.

[LEFT] - Knee
[UP] - Grab
[RIGHT] - Forearm Jolt
[DOWN] - Kick

The lifted knee, forearm jolt and kick are softening up moves designed to sap your opponents energy and provide an opening for a grab.

Press the fire button and push the stick forward to extend your wrestlers arms. If your opponent is within reach, you can grab him by pulling back on the joystick. If you time it right, you will grab him in one of several holds. If you are behind him, a full nelson, if you are facing him, it will be a headlock and if you're on either side, you will have placed an armlock on him.

Having grabbed him in an armlock you can spin him by holding down the button and moving the joystick in a circular motion. To release him [onto the ropes] let go of the button. You can spin him even faster by jiggling your stick [joystick, that is] back and forth quickly. It is possible for an opponent to escape from a spin by out jiggling you.

[LEFT] - Clothesline
[UP] - Flying body
[RIGHT] - Clothesline
[DOWN] - Drop Kick

Push forward on the stick to launch into a flying body press which will, if successful, pin the opponent. If you like, puhl back on the stick to deliver a nasty drop kick. One of the most devastating moves is the clothesline. This will knock the air out of his lungs and bring him to the mat.

FRONT HEADLOCK: [Button Pressed]
[LEFT] - Reverse Suplex
[UP] - Head Butt
[RIGHT] - Reverse Suplex
[DOWN] - Lift

While you have your opponent in a headlock, keep the button pressed. Push forward to stagger your opponent with a head butt. Move the stick left or right to pick him up in a reverse suplex, one of the most impressive looking moves in wrestling. Pull back on the stick to lift your opponent over your head. This will work only if you have enough energy and if your opponenet doesn't resist strongly. If he resists try again. You may catch him off guard.

POWER LIFT: [Having lifted opponent from a headlock]
[button pressed]
[LEFT] - Airplane Spin
[UP] - Body Slam
[RIGHT] - Airplane Spin
[DOWN] - Pile Driver

This is a masterful position to be in. If played right your opponent is totally at your mercy. To airplane spin him, move joystick in a circular motion, and by jiggling your stick can spin him faster. Releasing the button will dump your opponent on the mat. Pushing the stick forward will body slam him. One of the most devastating and difficult moves is the pile driver. Pull back on the stick while he is in the air to slam him head first onto the canvas. Although few opponents recover from this neck-breaker, it is very susceptible to resistance.

FULL NELSON: [button pressed]
[LEFT] - Suplex
[UP] - Atomic Drop
[RIGHT] - Suplex
[DOWN] - Back Breaker

Having grabbed your opponent from behind, hold down the button. A well done suplex will leave your opponent lying on the mat gasping for breath. Push forward to execqte the atomic drop, which drives your foe feet first into the canvas. The most devastating of these rear moves is the back breaker, which is designed to rearrange your opponent's spine.

[LEFT] - Elbow Drop
[UP] - Pin
[RIGHT] - Elbow Drop
[DOWN] - Stomp

Once your opponent is on the mat, you may do further damage by stomping on him or delivering a well placed elbow drop. If he looks likes he's really in trouble, put the pin on him by pushing forward on the stick. You need a count of three to win the match.

To execute the turnbuckle fly, stand in one of the corners of the ring and press the button. You will see your wrestler climb the ropes and wait, arms outstretched, ready to swoop down upon your prey. When you release the button he will launch himself in a graceful dive into the middle of the ring. If contact is made, whether your foe is on the mat or on his feet, the opponent will be devastated. But don't miss!! You can really get hurt slamming down full force on the canvas.

Whenever you are caught in a hold (a headlock for instance) you can try to frustrate your opponent by jiggling your stick rapidly up and down and back and forth.

To throw off an opponent when he has you pinned, move your joystick forward and back [in other words, try to stand up].

You can use the "joystick jiggle" to try to regain control once you are down, but you need to press the button to stand up. You can stay on the mat as long as you want before trying to stand.

Power moves employ lifts, throws, and slams. You can maximize the damage these moves do by releasing the button as soon as you see your wrestler begin to let go of your opponent.

AIRPLANE SPIN: The helpless victim is spun like a propeller of an airplane.

ARMSPIN: Another spin, this time on the mat. The victim ends up flying headlong into the ropes.

ARM TWIST: Designed to get your opponent all tied up.

ATOMIC DROP: The victim is lifted, then driven feet first into the canvas.

BACK BREAKER: Similar to the atomic drop, but this time the opponent meets your knee on the way down.

BODY SLAM: Your poor opponent is splattered onto the canvas from great height.

CLOTHESLINE: Your opponent is hung out to dry on your extended forearm.

DROP KICK: This time the attacker mistakes his opponents head for a football

ELBOW DROP: First you wind up, then you let your elbow drop--preferably into your foe's body.

FLYING BODY PRESS: The attacker shoots like a cannonball straight at his victim.

FOREARM JOLT: A delicate forearm slam.