Boxer, The
Copyright/Publisher: D&H Games/Cult Games, Converted By: Hyper-Dyne Software, Programmed/
Sampled By: John Wells, Art-Music/FX By: Michael Smif, Original Spectrum Version By:
Thurstan Selstead, Release Year: 1990, Genre: Boxing, Number Of Players: 1


In 'The Boxer', you have taken on the task of managing a promising young boxer to the World Championship - ultimate glory and adulation.

It is your job, using skill and judgement, to take your boy to the top, by carefully picking and vetting his opponents, ensuring he stands a good chance of beating the fighters you choose to put against him. Then book the fighter to oppose him.

You must pick your training venue to train him in, deciding on the number of weeks of workout he needs. Then train your boxer in areas of strength, stamina, ability and fitness, making sure your boy takes care of the weaker aspects of his boxing, in the weeks preceeding the fight.

Winning means your boxer gets the prize money: his morale and ranking are increased as well as his fight records. Will he win the World Championsips? With ten levels of play it's up to you.

Cult cannot guarantee that all the features are on all the versions.


Fight Commentary
Ranked Fighters
Fight Graphics
Fight Records
Prize Money
Rest Option
Ticket Sales
Load Game
Save Game
10 Levels
6 Venues
3 Gyms
Weight Training
Medical Treatment
Select Opponents
Opponents Profile
Status Report