Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show
Copyright/Publisher: Tynesoft, Programmed By: Mick Hedley, Graphics By: Mick Owens,
Music By: David Whittaker, Release Year: 1989, Genre: Multi Events, Number Of Players: 1 to 4

The idea to chase the steer and when you are close enough jump on it and take hold of it's horns. Use all your strength and leverage to overbalance it and get it on the floor. Use the joystick to control your horse's movement.

As in calf roping get as close as you can and then leap and grab hold of it's horns by pressing the fire button. Overbalance the steer by waggling the joystick left and right until it falls to the ground. Again this event is timed.

You'll have to be quick on the draw to become the fastest gun around. Shoot the targets as they pop up but don't shoot young ladies or inocent people in the back or the Sheriff or you'll lose points and a lot more besides if they send out a posse! If you you use the mouse reload by pressing the right hand mouse button.

With the joystick option reloading is automatic. To go to part 2 press the right mouse button. Part 2 of Trick Shooting is shooting bottles thrown into the air, show off your marksmanship and shoot the bottles before they hit the ground.

Pit your stamina and balance against a mean, bucking bronco and hold on until the dust settles. To remain seated on the horse push the joystick in the opposite direction of the high- lighted arrows on the direction icon. Don't allow the arrow to reach the end otherwise you'll be in for a fail. Watch your score increase the longer you stay on.

The scene is set, the indian has ambushed the last Stage and the occupants are in dead trouble. The joystick controlls the actoion, wiggle the joystick left and right. To make the horse run towards the stage move the joystick up and down to avoid the luggage. Once you are alongside the coach press the fire button to climb aboard.

Fight the indian by pushing diagonally up to punch towards the head and diagonally down to punch towards the stomach. Pushing left and right moves you towards and away from the indian. Pushing left and pressing the fire button blocks the indian's punches. Your mission is timed, therefore speed is of the essence.

The crowd is cheering, the sun is shining, the atmosphere is electric. The gate is opened and the calf is away. Follow the calf using your skill and judgement., slip the lasso over the calf's head and bring it to a halt in the quickest time. Use the joystick to move you forwards, back- wards, up and down. When you are close enough to the calf press fire to throw the lasso and pull back on the joystick to halt it.