Buggy Boy
Copyright/Publisher: Elite, Developed by: Tatsumi, Programming: Dave Thomas,
Graphics By: Rob Thomas, Release Year: 1987, Genre: Racing Sports, Number Of Players: 1

Buggy Boy is the ultimate driving challenge. Be prepared for the bumpiest ride of your life, over five of the roughest courses ever devised for four wheels. You must race across terrain littered with boulders, trees, brickwalls and fences whilst following the rough outline of the track through narrow valleys, across even narrower bridges and through dark tunnels.

Use your skill to dodge these obstacles or a jump over them by hitting the logs that lie across the track, sending your buggy soaring through the air. Driving over tree stumps and small rocks will tilt your buggy onto two wheels allowing you to squeeze through narrow gaps; but donīt oversteer, as you will lose control and return to four wheel drive!

The course is not your only eneamy. The clock is ticking and you will be disqualified from the race if you do not complete each leg in the allowed time limit. Extra time for the next leg can be collected by driving through the dangerously placed "time" gates. For each "time" gate you drive through, you get two seconds bonus time for the next leg after completion of the actual one.

Additional points are scored by collecting the flags and driving through the score gates. Collecting the flags in the specified order (displayed in the upper right corner of the screen) will give you a larger bonus, as will bumping into the football!

When the going gets tough, put your foot to the floor (finger on the button?) and get ready for more thrills and spills then ever before.

Use the joystick in port two like this:
[UP] - Accelerate
[DOWN] - Decelerate
[LEFT] - Turn Left
[RIGHT] - Turn Right
[FIRE] - Change Gear

Key-commands in game:
[RUN/STOP] - Toggle pause mode on/off.
[ARROW] - Quit current game (only if game is not paused).