Bull's Eye
Copyright/Publisher: Macsen Software, Release Year: 1986, Genre: Darts, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Pick up your "arrows" and set your sights on 180! There are 11 question categories - so step up to the "ockey" and test your skills. Bullseye is a Central Independent Television Production made in association with PHI Television Logo.

Bullseye is a variation of the successful TV quiz programme, adapted for popular home computers. It is a game for 2 players, played over 4 rounds. Skill at answering questions from any of 11 different categories is combined with simulated dart throwing to gain high scores.

The cassette includes the game itself and two data files containing hundreds of questions to give you hours of competitive enjoyment.

Insert tape into recorder. Hold down SHIFT key and press RUN/STOP key. Press PLAY on recorder. At some points during the game you can load new questions by pressing the "L" key. It will tell you on screen if this is possible.

Starting The Game
Press "P" to practice or SPACE to start the game proper. You can also load a new block of questions by pressing "L" and restarting the tape.

Selecting Skill level is slightly different from other versions as you have to use the 2 SHIFT keys to move the indicator at the bottom left. The more red that shows the longer you have to answer the questions.

This feature gives you the chance to become familiar with the controls before entering the real game. The controls below move the dart throwing hand left and right and set the strength of the throw. Try it now to get an idea of how to aim the dart. Hold down the strength key until the bar reaches the desired point and then release the key to throw. Notice how the dart's height is changed by the amount of strength you use.

You are given 6 darts after which the main screen will re-appear to allow you to select again.

The keys are: Left Shift - LEFT Right Shift - RIGHT Spacebar - STRENGTH

The Main Game
At this stage you will be taken through the 4 rounds of the main game. Details of such follows. At the end of the game, the final score is shown and the program restarts.

Round 1
Each player is called to the ockey 3 times. A dartboard with 10 sections is shown with letters A to J representing a question category.

On the CBM 64 the category is selected by pressing keys F1 and F7 to move through the letters.

Having selected the ideal subject, a dart can be thrown using the left, right and strength key as explained in the practice section.

A question will then be posed in the subject that is hit. (If this is also the subject chosen by the player, a bonus score is awarded, this being higher the closer the dart comes to the Bullseye.) Answer the question correctly and your score increases. Answer incorrectly (or not at all within the time allowed) and your opponent has a chance at answering and gaining points.

Round 2
This round uses a normal dartboard.

Each player is called to the ockey to throw 3 darts.

The player with the higher score then wins an attempt at answeing a general knowledge question to win points. Again, an incorrect answer gives the opponent a chance to answer.

This is repeated 3 times in all.

Round 3
This is a bonus round, where the player who is currently winning throws 9 darts at a special dartboard, showing 8 red segments and 8 black segments.

Hitting a red segment ONLY ONCE scores the bonus shown. Hitting the same red segment again loses the bonus shown. Hitting black segments has no effect.

Round 4
The player with the higher score is asked whether or not he wishes to gamble on the last board. (If not, the other player is offered the same option).

If one or other player accepts the challenge, he has 4 darts to throw at a normal board in order to score 101 or more.

Success means his score is doubled.
Failure means his score is halved.

Notes on answering questions
* If you make a slight error in spelling, you will usually be given a second chance at answering.

* If an answer is a number, use the number keys - eg answer 5 rather than FIVE.

* All answers are single words, so type a person's surname when requested, unless that person is generally known by first name alone.

Bullseye is a Central Independent Television Production made in association with PHI Television.

Logo (c) Central Independent Television PLC.