Bull's Eye
Copyright/Publisher: Unknown, Release Year: Unknown, Genre: Darts, Number Of Players: 1 or 2


A program for two or one can play taking both turns. Use joystick in port two to move the dart or missile. Press fire button to fire.

There are 2 versions...Bull's Eye or Zzap Hussein. Both are sectioned off like a pie, with 12 slices, 1-12, you are scored by which # you land on.

The starting score is 300 and each hit is deducted from it. The center is worth 50 (a red square on bull's eye and housein's nose). Just around the center is worth 25. Certain other area's have other values

Each players has three throws, the value for each is listed and deducted from the former score. The first player to reach zero is the winner..... but if a throw is more than the score, you get a 'broke' notice and the score stays the same, to win the score must equal zero.