Copyright/Publisher: COMPUTE!'s Gazette/COMPUTE! Publications, Inc., Programmed By:
Tim J. Midkiff, Release Year: 1986, Genre: Weird Sports, Number Of Players: 2


Challenge a friend in this fast-paced, action-strategy game for the Commodore 64. It's written entirely in machine language for rapid play and smooth movement. Two joysticks are required.


This two-player action game can be played at two conceptual levels: When you first play, it seems to be purely an action game all speed and reflexes but after you and your opponent master the basics of the game, you'll discover the importance of having a strategy.

The object of "Bump-N-Run" is to get the ball and shoot it into the other player's goal. Of course, your opponent is trying to do the same, and this is the conflict which is the heart of the game.

Typing It In

Bump-N-Run is a machine language game, so you must use "MLX," the machine language entry program found elsewhere in this issue, to type it in. Be sure you understand how to use MLX before you begin entering the data for Bump-N-Run. After loading and running MLX, respond to the prompts with the following:
Starting address: C000
Ending address: C6A7

Save a copy to disk or tape when you've finished typing. To load the game, type LOAD"BUMP-N-RUN",8,1 (tape users should type LOAD "BUMP-N-RUN",1,1) and SYS 49152 to begin play. Be sure to have two joysticks plugged in. Press RESTORE to exit the game, and SYS 49152 to replay.

Bumping And Running

As with many computer games, the best way to learn this one is by playing it. The game begins with the ball in the middle of the court and each player guarding his own goal. The joystick in port 1 controls the purple player. The yellow player is controlled by the joystick in port 2. Catch the ball by touching it with your player. Your opponent can then steal the ball by bumping into you. The direction and speed your player travels is controlled by the joystick.

When you first push the joystick, you move slowly; keep pushing and you'll accelerate. Press the fire button to shoot the ball. When the ball is released, you lose your speed, but the ball continues on with your previous speed and direction. Make sure your shot is accurate, because once you shoot the ball you can't catch it again until it bounces off a wall.

Remember that you can steal the ball from your opponent at any time simply by bumping him. The first player to score 15 goals wins, and the game is reset when both players press the fire button.

Here are a few more details concerning the physics of the game. When players collide, their velocities and directions are exchanged. Collisions with the walls cause players to bounce back. A player may go beyond the walls only if he is pushed by another player.