Bump Set Spike
Copyright/Publisher: Superior Quality Software/Mastertronic, Designed by: Ken Grant, Music: Rob Hubbard,
Title Pic: Sean Grant, Release Year: 1986, Genre: Volleyball, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

The Aim Of The Game
Compete in this thrilling volleyball simulation, either against the computer or another player. Features include crowd applause, professionally composed music, choice of courts (beach or indoor) and 9 difficulty levels.

Controlling the Ball
The small "X" on the screen is the spot where the ball will land. To hit the ball the player should align his arms on the "X" spot, to increase the hardness of the hit, hold down the fire button.

The first ball contact is a bump, the second will be set and the third will be a spike. To spike the third hit position the player's head directly under the "X" and hit and release the fire button just before the ball lands on the "X" spot.

The ball will always travel in the direction that the player is facing.

Controlling the Players
The joystick controls the movement of the players in their defensive mode (ball in the opposite court). To change the player that you control hit and release the fire button.

In offensive mode pressing and releasing the fire button will result in your player diving.

Difficulty Levels
There are 9 levels divided into three sections - Slow, Medium and Fast. In each section (eg 4, 5, 6) there are 3 difficulty levels, the first (4) being the easiest:
Net fouls are allowed. If the computer is playing it will return the ball immediately.
The second (5):
Penalties for net fouls. If the computer is playing it may "set up" the ball once on his side.
The third level (6) is the hardest:
Net fouls are penalised. The computer may set up a complete play including a spike on his side.

Game Selections
1 - One player game using joystick in Port 2.
2 - Two players against each other - two joysticks needed.
3 - Two players on the same side against the computer - two joysticks needed.

Key Controls
F1 - Fast Speed
F3 - Medium Speed
F5 - Slow Speed
F7 - Turn off/off whistle
F8 - Reset program to beginning
RUN/STOP - Pause key.

The program must be in PAUSE mode to aceess the functions.
Each game goes to a score of 15 points and the winner must have a lead of at least 2 points.