Burago Rally
Copyright/Publisher: 576 Kbyte, Programmed By: Domokos Sandor, Graphics By: Udvardy Laszlo, Music By:
Steven Diemer & Volker Meitz, Release Year: 1995, Genre: Racing Sports, Number Of Players: 1


Your first car is not that fast but more fast cars are available... Collect the tyre to get a cute turbo - but beware! It will only last until your next crash!

So the main thing is to collect tyres and keep the car under control then. Repairing damaged cars in expensive. Better collect the First Aid packs to reduce your damage. Grab the dollar sign for some additional money!

Learn how the collision detection with the item works. It's not against you, it's only not very well programmed. Don't touch the item you wish only with the tyres, but drive over it with whole the car. Approach the lower border of the road with the care (slowly)!

Best tactic to win a race is let your opponent go ahead for some tine, then collect a tyre, overtake him and race the rest of the lap(s) with it.

There are 4 levels with each level having 6 races.

Note that grass can slow you down and oil or ice on the road can influence the way your car goes...

Your opponent always avoids such obstacles - remember that when you want to overtake him in the right moment... With turbo enabled, you still can drive over the grass and pass him without problems!