By Fair Means Or Foul
Copyright/Publisher: Superior Software Limited/Alligata, Program & Graphics By: Jason Benham,
Original Idea: Michael Simpson, Release Year: 1987, Genre: Boxing, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Become the World Champion - By Fair Means Or Faul. A realistic boxing simulation. You can even cheat...if the ref's not looking! You're behind on points and time is running out. The ref looks half asleep.

A quick head butt and a sly punch below the belt and your opponent is topping over. But as he falls his knee strikes you a paralysing blow "Faul" shouts the crowd, and your opponent is disqualified.

You've won, but in the next championship contest you meet a boxer who knows more dirty tricks than you. It needs skill and cunning, lightning responses and deadly strategy. Have you got what it takes to became the World Champion - By Fair Means Or Faul?

The objective of the game is to defeat each of the opposing boxers over 15 rounds or within 5 knock downs.

In two player mode you compete against a friend. Ib the one player mode you compete against the computer, and attempt to become the world champion be defeating six opponents, each in turn more difficult to beat. Once you have become the champ you then continue to defend your title against increasingly tough opponents.

The lives remaining for each boxer are indicated in the top corners inside the silhouettes of men. The changing colour or each silhouette indicates the safety factor of using a foul move without the ref seeing it. Red indicates no chance, amber is moderate and green means easily.

Apart from foul moves there, are also of course the legal moves, including punches and blocks. it will be noticed that a knockdown does not mean the end of bout only the end of the round and the loss of one of the boxers lives.

If two players become too close, they will be automatically go into a hold position and cross sides of the ring. On repition of this move, a player runs the risk of forfeiting a life.

Joystick Button not pressed:
[UP] = Jerk Back
[UP + RIGHT] = Head But
[RIGHT] = Forward
[RIGHT + DOWN] = Duck Punch
[DOWN] = Duck
[DOWN + LEFT] = Guard Low
[LEFT] = Back
[LEFT + UP] = Guard High

Joystick Button pressed:
[UP] = Punch
[UP + RIGHT] = Upper Cut
[RIGHT] = Kick
[RIGHT + DOWN] = Groin Punch
[DOWN] = Body Blow
[DOWN + LEFT] = Guard Low
[LEFT] = -
[LEFT + UP] = Guard High