C64 Golf
Copyright/Publisher: Dave Palazzo, Release Year: 1989 Genre: Golf, Number Of Players: 1 to 5

From the main menu you can either play in a tournament, or just a round of golf. Up, so no game is ever the same.

When you tee off, it tells you the ball distance from the hole. From the prompt 'W/I' you can select 'W'OOD or 'I'RON.

If you want to check yardage, when the prompt 'W/I' is showing, press 'C'.

To switch from kind of clubs press 'LEFT ARROW' outting is automatically tried when the ball is inside 20 yards. Your odds of sinking it gets better on how close it is.

If you land in water or go out-of-bounds, you get a penalty stroke along with the stroke it took to get there.

In tournaments, after completing a hole you see the leaderboard with you and 5 pro's. At the end of the game, you have the choice to continue. Y=PLAY AGAIN, N=EXIT TO BASIC.