Chambers Of Shaolin
Copyright/Publisher: Thalion Software, Programmed By: Matthias Sykosch, Graphics By: Guenter Schmitz,
Additional Programming By: Peter Kuenst, Producer: Holger Floettmann, Music By: Holger Knipping &
M.Hendriks, Release Year: 1989, Genre: Multi EventsNumber Of Players: 1 or 2

Hang Foy Qua looked up at the entrance doors towering high above him. The icy wind coming from the mountains seemed to pierce through his clothes, transforming his body into a trembling, defenceless victim of cold. It felt like his bones were frozen, and he could easily imagine that his blood was hardly circulating through his veins. Gathering courage, he knocked on the door as loud as he could. Despite the savage cold that seemed to gnaw at his limbs, he began to sweat. It froze instantly on his skin.

The doors belonged to the Pagoda of Knowledge, which were built many centuries ago amidst the desolate mountains of Tibet. The legend told that the wisest men of the world lived there; in the Pagoda of Knowledge the answers to all questions were held. Nobody knew exactly where it was - and many of the people who travelled there never returned, paying with their life for the answer to their questions or the granting of their wish.

Hang Foy Qua had every reason in the world to go there: His home in Queping, a small fishing-village by the Japanese Sea, was being tormented by men of the Emperor. His effort to resist them had resulted on Leia Sing, his younger sister, being kidnapped. If he were ever to resist again, he had been told, he would get her back: In several pieces.

He had set out months earlier to find the Pagoda, and was now glad he had finally succeeded.

Ages seemed to pass while he waited for someone or something to react to his knocking; ages in which he knew more and more part of his limbs and body were frostbitten into numbness. Then, without as much as a sound, the doors opened slowly. Hang Foy blinked as warm light seemed to pour out from the entrance. In it stood the dark silhouette of a man wearing a robe, leaning with difficulty on a thin staff.

Instincively, Hang Foy knew: This was one of the Mandarins from the Pagoda of Knowledge.

The old Mandarin stood in silence, stroking his light grey moustache which hung down along his cheeks reaching the lower parts of his neck. He didn't seem to be bothered by the immense cold and neither his clothes nor his thin white hair seemed to waver in the tarrifying storm. His eyes narrowed to a gaze like suspicion as he looked at the man standing in front of him.

The Old Mandarin didn't open his mouth, nor did any sounds arise. Yet in Hang Foy's brain he formed a simple telepathic question: "What do you want?"

Hang Foy opened his mouth and replied: "Help."

The Old Mandarin hushed him telepathically. "Do not speak. Think. I will receive."

While Hang Foy thought to sense what he considered to be a telepathical chuckle, the Old Mandarin turned around and signalled him to come in.

Since he was chilled to the very core of his bones, he didn't hesitate and stumbled in. The doors closed mysteriously behind him.

The second they closed, it felt as though every vein in his body had thawed. For several seconds, he experienced a feeling he could not possible describe.

When the peculiar sensation wore off, he felt comfortably warm and removed his coat. The Old Mandarin was now a fair distance ahead of him and he quickened is pace to catch up with him as he disappeared into a small house to the right of the doors.

"Welcome to my humble abode," the Mandarin thought to Hang Foy as they both sat down on the ground, "Please make yourself comfortable and accept a bowl of my fine herbal tea."

"Thank you," Hang Foy thought back, now getting the hang of it (and liking it). He gladly accepted the warm bowl filled with scented herbal tea and drank it with relish.

Feeling relaxed now he felt as though the Old Mandarin was probing his brain, as if tiny tentacles were scanning his grey matter for good or evei intent. The Old Mandarin spoke again telepathically.

"I see you are a good person. How can I help you?"

Hang Foy wondered why the Old Mandarin was helping him - without asking for money in return, gifts, or even his life which he would gladly have offered for the sake of Leia Sing.

The Old man seemed to sense the thoughts, and said: "Good persons are like a warm cup of herbal tea - indispensable."

Hang Foy could have sworn to sense some telepathic chuckling.
"Thank you. You are too goo to me," Hang Foy said.

He explained how his village was being harassed by men of the Emperor, and how he had tried to resist this by fighting them and trying to outwit them in one way or another. He had been too successful, and that was perhaps the reason why the Emperor's men had decided to kidnap his sister to ensure he would be silent in future.

How they had misjudged Hang Foy! The very morning he discovered his sister's room ravaged and her bed empty, he swore an oath to find and rescue her. Even if it meant going to the Emperor to kill him, he would do so gladly if his sister was to be safe henceforth.

"I sear I will not be merciful to those who inflicted harm upon her," Hang Foy pleaded, "help me Buddha!"

The Old Mountain had listened carefully, and looked grieved at hearing such unhappiness. Sice Hang Foy had not spoken but only thought of everything, the Old Mandarin had seen far more than Hang Foy could have possibly intended. He had seen Queping lying on the shores of the Japanese Sea, Leia Sing's face, the evel performed by the Emperor's men, and many of Queping's residents toiling on the Great Wall that the Emperor wanted built to defend his empire from savage invasions from the North.

From inside his robe, he took out a small gem - its appearance was like that of an emerald, but its glimmer was a bright as a diamond.

"This is the Thoughtstone," the Old Mandarin began, "it provides solutions to the many questions we may not or cannot answer."

He held it aloft and closed his eyes. A spiritual hum emanated from the stone and several moments later he Old Mandarin started to float upward, until he seemed to hover steadily at about an arm's length above the ground.

The Thoughtstone started to shine even more, and then dimmed into dark green and a picture appeared before them. The Old Mandarin held his eyes shut and sweat formed on his brows as he appeared to be concentrating heavily.

The picture became very clear, and it appeared as though several scenes were depicted rapdily behind each other. Hang Foy saw himself struggling to resist a rising tide, defending a bridge in flames, warding off enemies attacking him with sticks and axes, and jumping on various rising and sinking poles. He saw the Forbidden City, the Pagoda of Fear, and formidable opponents. He saw his sister struggling for survival in deep dungeons under the Emperor's Pagoda.

He saw all this in what was only half a minute. Then, the pictures faded and the Old Mandarin gently floated back down to the earth. The Thoughtstone assumed its familiar shining and just before the Mandarin opened his eyes, it seemed as though some else, someone invisible shouted something through the room in a dark and threatening voice.

"Shaolin!" it cried loudly and then it echoed away quickly.

When the Mandarin finally opened his eyes, Hang Foy could see they were filled with dread and fear.

"Shaolin," the Old Mandarin thought, "The Chambers of Shaolin. Why did it have to come to this?"

Hang Foy could barely refrain from speaking aloud, "What are you speaking of, Old man? What are these Chambers of Shaolin?"

The Old Mandarin seemed hesitant to answer and sighed deeply.

"An old legend says," the Mandarin thought, "that the Emperor can be overthrown and all his evil reversed if someone completes a paerticular hazardous quest. Nobody has ever done that, and even all the Mandarins in this Pagoda of Knowledge know nothing more about it than that which you have just seen. All that is known is that someone has to conquer the Chambers of Shaolin fight and defeat fierce opponents."

He then silenced for several moments that seemed to last an age.

"If you complete this quest," the Mandarin continued, "all will be happy again - and your sister will return to Queping."

Hang Foy didn't need long to think. He wasn't a hero, but the life of his sister Leia Sing meant everything to him.

"I'll do it," he said aloud, "just tell me where the Chambers are and I will have the ultimate challenge:

The Chambers of Shaolin!

Description of the Game
Hang Foy Qua, the hero of this story finally reached the monastary of Shao-Lin after a a long and exhausting way and was accepted as a novice. He has to conquer the Chambers of Shao-Lin. Each of these chambers will help to unite body and mind in harmony.

We will assist Hang Foy Qua on this troublesome way to become a master. Therefore we will pass six selected chambers to help him. Hang Foy Qua, aware of the big responsibility for his people and his sister, will try to pass the examinations with the best results he is able to get. The better these results are the easier his fight against his enemies will be.

Test of the Stick
In this chamber Hang Foy Qua's concentration will be improved and sharpened by constant training.

The master attacks him with a Bo (a long stick). He may strike to the head, the body or the legs. Because it will only be obvious at the last moment where the master strikes the Bo, Hang Foy Qua has to concentrate to react quickly enough to avoid the vlows.

Joystick up - Jump
Joystick down - Duck
Joystick left/right - Go forward/backward

Test of Agility
In this chamber his reaction will be tested and also the control of the Flic-Flac, a very quick evasive movement. Here Hang Foy Qua needs to escape several objects which move in different trajectories.

Each collision with one of these objects costs him some of his power. Only by touching the "Yin & Yang" sign will he increase his power. If Hang Foy Qua wishes to use the Flic-Flac in a fight, he has to pass this test.

Joystick up - Flic-Flac
Joystick left/right - Go left/right
Press fire - turn around
Fire button+Joystick up - Jump
Fire button+Joystick down - Duck

Test of Balance
In this chamber the take-off power will be trained. Hang Foy Qua has to jump to and from between four rising and sinking poles.

By following the signal you must successfully land on ten poles in as little time as possible. If Hang Foy Qua tumbles into the water he must go back to the beginning and try again-

Joystick right - The jump from the veranda to the first pole happens automatically after moving the joystick to the right
Joystick left/right - turn left/right
Press fire - Jump

Test of Speed
In this chamber a specific kick will be taught. Hang Foy Qua's objective is to hit and release a mechanism fixed at the highest reachable point thus enabling him to keep his feet dry. This can only be achieved by repeatedly kicking a ball and making it swing. He not only has to look out for the constantly rising waterlevel but also for the crushing ball swinging dowm from a great height.

Joystick up/left/right - Turn left/right
Joystick left/right - Go left/right
Fire button+Joystick Up - Kick
Fire button+Joystick left/right - Turn around left/right
Fire button+Joystick down - Duck

Test of Strength
This chamber is desinged to improve the power and accuracy of the blow.

During the lesson the number of boards will increase. Hang Foy Qua has to place his hand at the middle of the board to use as little power as possible in the blow itself.

First you must position the moving hand in the window as closed to the middle as possible. By pressing the Fire-button the hand will stop. To obtain as much punch as possible, the joystick must be moved quickly from left to right.

Test of Fire
Here Hang Foy Qua jas to be trained for the low sweeping kick. Standing on a bridge Hang Foy Qua has to kick burning baskets away which the master throw to him. To stay alive he must avoid the flaming baskets.

Joystick up - Flic-Flac
Joystick up/left/right - Turn left/right
Joystick left/right - Go left/right
Joystick down - Low sweeping Kick
Joystick down/left/right - Turn left/right

The Combat Scenario
If you feel fit, you can prove your strength in combat. Choose from the Start menu the option "Fight". After a few seconds you will see the following menu: Fighter VS Fighter
Select Sound
Demo Fight

The selection "Fighter VS Fighter" allows two players to play against each other. Both players will need a stored character to play.

The selection "Combat" allows one player to play against the computer. Again, the player will need a stored character.

With the selection "Select Sound" you choose the sound preference. Here you can choose between background music and combat sounds.

If you select "Demo Fight", you can watch a battle - computer vs computer -. You can abort "Demo Fight" anytime by pressing down the - Space Bar-.

Exit puts you back to the opening menu.

Owners of a Commodore 64, after finishing training, will move directly to the battle scenario.

If you fight against the computer and you have been victorious over four opponents, then it is your job to survive the last test of your abilities.

Using of the Character-Disk
In order to be trained and fit for combat, you must overcome the tests in the chambers of the Shaolin. After you complete all six of the training-chambers, you will receive an overall score of your achievement. After that, you will have the option to store all of the achievement-traits on a specially prepared floppy-Disk.

The following menu:
Create Save Disk
Save Character

In case you don't have a character-Disk yey, you can create your own with the function "Create Save Disk". In order to this, you must have a new floppy-Disk.

After that you can store your training-results with the function "Save Character" on your new floppy-Disk, which can hold up 250 entries!

In order to tell the difference between the training-character you should give them different names, the character-Disk could of course contain various entries with the same name.

You have the possibility to leave the menu with "Exit" without storing your characters. But be careful, the training results are then lost forever.

Joystick-Control on the Fight Screen
To execute all Joystick-Functions and fighting techniques a good training and qualified character is required. Joystick up - Flic-Flac
Joystick up/left/right - Turn left/right
Joystick left/right - Go left/right
Joystick down - Low Spagat
Joystick down/left/right - Turn left/right
Press fire - Turn right/left

The following functions are orientated to the view of the player's figure. Fire-button + Joystick up - Jump + Kick
Fire-button + Joystick up/right - Kick to the head
Fire-button + Joystick up/left - Punch to the head
Fire-button + Joystick right - Kick to the body
Fire-button + Joystick left - Tigerclaw
Fire-button + Joystick down - Low sweeping Kick