Champ, The
Copyright/Publisher: Linel, Converted By: Pantheon Software, Graphics By: Chris Edwards,
Music By: Bill Conti, Programmed By: Andrew Bowen, Sound Effects By: Martin Walker,
Designed By: Markus Grimmer, Concept By: H. Melcher & W. Trumler, Endorsed By:
AWBC - World Boxing Council Release Year: 1990, Number Of Players: 1 or 2


 1. Menu Options:

    ONE PLAYER  -  Press Fire Button to choose between one or two players.

    TRAINING ON -  Press Fire Button to train before each fight in the GYM
                   and the ARENA.

    SHOW HI-SCORES -  Press the Fire Button to show the Hi-Scores and press
                   it again to return to the Main Menu.

    SHOW WORLD RANK -  Press Fire Button to show the World Ranking. This
                   shows how many fights a boxer has had (maximum 60), how
                   many won by K.O. and how many won in total.

    MAKE DATA DISK -  Press Fire Button and then move joystick to choose the
                   boxer you want to put onto the datadisk. Now insert a
                   datadisk in DF0: (It does not have to be formatted) and
                   press the Fire Button.

    RESET WORLD RANK -  With this option the World Ranking List will become
                   the same as it was when you first bought (??) the game.
                   WARNING! All your trained boxers will be deleted.

    SPARRING -     You have one round in which to practice all the moves.
                   The hits do not count during this round.

    START GAME -   Press the fire button and you will enter a new menu. In
                   the first line you can choose a name from the World Rank
                   List if there is already one. You will then start from
                   the registered Rank position. On the text line you have
                   the option to enter a new name to start your way to the
                   ultimate title in boxing. With "NAME FROM DATADISK" you
                   can choose a name from the data disk. In the next menu
                   you can choose "CONTINUE" to select your opponent or
                   "INSERT NAME" to insert a name into the World Rank List
                   from a data disk.
 2. The Game - The Sport Simulation:
    To make this game one of the most realistic sport simulations, we have
    also included MORALE and CONDITION as factors which you have to watch.
    These factors will be influenced during the training and the fight. If
    the condition and the morale sink, then your punching power also will
    suffer and you won't recover as quickly as normal between rounds.

    MORALE -     Your morale rises if you manage to land successful
                 combinations of punches but it suffers if your opponent
                 hits you too often. Your morale also rises if you win a

    CONDITION -  The condition can be increased or decreased with the
                 training or when you win or lose a fight.

    TRAINING -   When a manager has spotted your boxer, he takes him to the
                 gym where you train him. If you train your boxer well, you
                 may have the chance to enter the World Ranking.

         a) SKIPPING -  You have to skip as often as possible. Move the
                        joystick up to jump, but coordinate the jumps with
                        the rope's movement. They have to be in time or....
                        well, see what happens !

         b) SANDSACK -  Here you have to practice to punching combinations.
                        Just do the same punches as shown by the trainer.
                        The light on the wall will show you whether the
                        punches are correct (blue) or incorrect (red).

         c) PUNCHBAG -  Now you have to coordinate your moves and
                        concentrate very hard not to miss any punches. Try
                        to hit the bag as many times as possible in the
                        time given by moving the joystick left and right in
                        time with the boxer's arms.

    WORLD RANKING -  You can only enter the World Ranking when your fighter
                 has been successful during several fights. Once you have
                 placed him in the list, you can LOAD him every time you
                 start the game and continue with his career. You can only
                 qualify your fighter in one player mode, with the training
                 mode on. 

 3. Joystick controls:
       a) Controls without Fire Button pressed:

                                  0= no movement
                                  1= no movement
                     2            2= dancing
                  1     3         3= change positions
                 4   0   5        4= go to the left
                  6     8         5= go to the right
                     7            6= defend your stomach
                                  7= defend your chest
                                  8= defend your head

       b) Controls with Fire Button pressed:

                                  0= no movement
                                  1= straight left
                     2            2= clinch
                  1     3         3= straight right
                 4   0   5        4= punch to stomach left
                  6     8         5= punch to stomach right
                     7            6= hook left
                                  7= "killer" punch
                                  8= hook right

       c) Joystick directions while clinching:

                     1            0= no movement
                                  1= punching
                 2   0            2= defend
                                  3= release