Championship Golf
Copyright/Publisher: Hayden Software/Hayden Book Co, Inc., Release Year: 1983, Genre: Golf, Number Of Players: 1 to 4 2


Rule #1
To begin with, the computer will ask you a few questions and then will draw the first hole. Each hole will have a top view and a side view. In the top view, there will often be sandtraps (in orange). In the side view, you will be able to see the tee and flagstick.

Rule #2
Just below the hole you will see a status line. Here you will be able to read the information necessary to make your shot. The following is an example of a typical status line:

Hole 6 Size 425 Par 4 Dist 210 St 3

The above describes the ball as 210 yards away from the hole on a 425 yard par 4 sixth hole. St 3 indicates that 3 strokes have been taken.

Rule #3
Below the status line there appears, a question: 'What club will you use'. To this you must respond in the following manner. Type in the number of the club directly followed by a 'W' to indicate a wood or an 'I' to indicate an iron.

For example let us say that you wish to use a 3 wood. You respond by entering a '3W'. A 5 iron would be '5I'. There is also a pitching wedge ('10I') and a sand wedge ('11I').

Rule #4
After you have told the computer what club you want, it will then ask you 'strength (0 to 10)?'. To this you answer with a number corresponding to the relative strength of the ball hit. A value of 0 is no power while a value of 10 gives a maximum hit.

Rule #5
Finally, the computer will ask you in what direction you wish to shoot the ball. You answer by entering a value of 0 to 360 degrees. Zero degrees is north, 90 degrees is east, 180 degrees is south, while 270 degrees is west. Any number between 0 and 360 is valid.

Rule #6
After you have answered all of the questions, you will see your ball in flight, both the top and side views. Once your ball has stopped, you will be advised of any penalties that you may hve incurred, and also the distance you have shot and remaining distance to the hole.

Rule #7
If more than one person is playing, as soon as you get on the green, the next player will take his fairway shots. When everyone is on the green you will begin putting out.

Rule #8
When you are putting on the green, only 'strength' and 'direction' are asked.

Rule #9
Finally, when the computer first asks you which club to use, if you respond with the letter 'C' you will enter 'command mode'. Command mode allows you to display the currecnt score, display a list of woods and irons and their corresponding average distances, and a direction chart to help you to select a shot direction. These are the rules in their entirety.

Enjoy the game!