Championship Sprint
Copyright/Publisher: Electric Dreams, Release Year: 1988, Genre: Formula One, Number Of Players: 1 to 3

Championship Sprint incorporates the same head-to-head driving excitement that has made it's predecessor, Super Sprint, a top game success, but with a difference! In Championship Sprint there's no limit to the excitement because you make up the tracks - thousands of them!!

Getting Started

Eight ready-made TRACKS are provided for you to RACE on, and further sets of eight may be created by you using the CONSTRUCTION program, which is a TRACK EDITOR.

Create/Edit TRACKS using the CONSTRUCTION program, save them to your own cassette, and then load the RACING program, to play either the ready made TRACKS or your own pre-saved TRACKS!

Using Championship Sprint Course Construction
This program is known as the TRACK EDITOR, and once it has loaded, you'll see a screen displaying a track with four boxed words across the top, and some designs down the right-hand side. An arrow, known as the CURSOR, may be seen on the screen, and moving the joystick in any direction moves the CURSOR in the same direction as the joystick.

A square box, known as the CURSOR, highlights part of the TRACK, and an ARROW may be seen within the CURSOR. Practice moving the CURSOR left and right by using the O and P keys, and up and down using the Q and A keys.

The ICONS at the side of the screen are the key to the gameplay options - each ICON has a gameplay option associated with it - full details on how to use the ICONS and other EDITOR features of CHAMPIONSHIP SPRINT are described below.

Using Icons
1. Move the CURSOR as far RIGHT as it will go. The CURSOR will now highlight an ICON if you move it UP or DOWN.

2. Move the CURSOR to highlight the ICON you require, and then press FIRE/ SELECT.

3. Some ICONS (such as CONTROL) will now give you options, listed in a small menu, move the highlight bar up and down using the UP/DOWN keys, and when your selection is highlighted, press FIRE/SELECT. Follow any additional instructions that may appear on screen, and/or refer to the notes below on ICONS - USING GAMEPLAY OPTIONS. To quit, simply return the highlight bar to the top of the menu, and press FIRE/SELECT. Other ICONS (such as VIEW) will perform the required action and you are free to continue using the EDITOR, whilst others (such as HELP) will remain in that option until you press FIRE/SELECT.

Constructing Your Own Track/Modifying A Track
1. Place the CURSOR on the track at the position you wish to start designing/ modifying the track on screen, by moving LEFT, RIGHT, UP and DOWN.

2. Once the CURSOR is positioned press FIRE/SELECT and keep it pressed down; now use the UP and DOWN keys. This will cause a track TILE to appear on- screen where the CURSOR is.

3. When the TILE you wish to use is displayed, take your finger off FIRE/ SELECT. You may now move the cursor to another part of the screen.

4. Repeat from 2 above until the track is to your satisfaction.

5. Repeat the above for all eight tracks, and then SAVE them to your own data cassette.

It should be noted that tracks need to be playable, as they are validated prior to race, and so any blockage of the track, or any open edges (say, onto grass) will not be valid. Note also that BRIDGE files are two-way (ie, cars are supposed to go over as well as under), and that RAMPS must be paired.

Icons - Available Gameplay Options
The following options are available as ICONS: (ICONS described, with actual functions beneath description)

4 arrows - (CONTROL) allows you to redefine the keyboard CONTROL keys

HELP - (HELP) an on-screemn reminder of the ICON functions

Door - (EXIT) Quits the EDITOR program

? - (VALIDATE) Before RACING may begin, you must decide which route the cars must race around the TRACKS in order to qualify for a complete LAP (most tracks feature junctions, and unless a valid direction is specified at each junction it is impossible to race). This is achieved by guiding an arrow around the track from the START GRID, through any junctions, until it reaches the START GRID once more. The route the arrow has taken comprises the required LAP for this track, hence when players race on the track they must follow the same route in order to stand a chance of winning.

1. Highlight this ICON and press FIRE/SELECT.

2. The arrow will appear upon the START GRID of the currently selected track. Press FIRE/SELECT again and it will automatically move as far around the track as it can. During this time it will display a "?" symbol, showing that is is VALIDATING the track.

3. If/When the symbol reaches a junction where it may move in more than one direction, it will stop. At this point, you take manual control and turn the arrow to point in the direction required at this junction.

4. Press the FIRE/SELECT to set the arrow in motion once again.

5. Repeat from item 3 until the arrow reaches the START GRID once again, and the letters "OK" are displayed in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

6. Ensure that you have used VALIDATE on all 8 tracks before you attempt to race any of them.

EYE - (VIEW) Shows all of the available TILES you may use in constructing your own TRACKS. Press FIRE/SELECT to return to EDITOR.

LEFT ARROW - (LAST) The eight TRACKS are horizontally next to each other, with the EDITOR displaying the current one. This ICON allows you to select the TRACK to the left of the one on screen, so you may work upon that.

RIGHT ARROW - (NEXT) Allows you to select the TRACK on the right of the one on screen

I - (INITIALISE) Allows you to: * CLEAR all TILES from TRACK (screen) currently displayed and replace with GRASS or * CLEAR all TILES from ALL 8 TRACKS (screens) and replace with GRASS or * RESET current TRACK (screen) to it's original pre- edited state or * RESET all 8 TRACKS to their original, pre-edited state


NO-ENTRY SIGN - * OIL/WATER/GRAVEL (OBSTACLE) For each of the above you may choose a number between 0 and 4 by pressing FIRE/SELECT - this is the number of those items that will randomly appear in any one RACE around any TRACK. For example, if you get OIL to 3, then in any one race a total of 3 OIL slicks will be randomly placed around the TRACKS as obstacles. * WHIRLWINDS By pressing FIRE/SELECT you may select either Y or N - this determines whether or not a WHIRLWIND will appear randomly throughout any RACE on any TRACK. Select N for no WHIRLWIND.

CASSETTE - (TAPE) Allows you to SAVE the current 8 TRACKS (screens) to your own data cassette for use with the RACING program, or to LOAD 8 pre-saved TRACKS from your own data cassette. SAVED TRACKS may be LOADED into the EDITOR again in future, or into CHAMPIONSHIP SPRINT RACING for competing on. Before selecting either option, ensure that you remove the CHAMPIONSHIP SPRINT cassette from the tape recorder, and that your own data cassette it inserted at the correct position.

Using Championship Sprint Racing
This program is based upon Atari Games' popular Championship Sprint arcade racing game. It's a race for CHAMPIONS! And what a challenge! To RACE and win eight different TRACKS - and if you use your own CONSTRUCTED TRACKS, you can race as many different combinations of eight TRACKS as you wish. As tricky or as you make them. It's really up to you!

Once the program begins to load, the main screen will display black and while squares followed by a title page.

After a short while, a MENU will be displayed, requesting you to "SELECT TRACKS NOW". Your choices are:
1. Championship Tracks
2. Custom Tracks
If you select 1, you will RACE upon the 8 ready made TRACKS. If you select 2, you will be able to RACE upon 8 TRACKS that you have designed using the COURSE CONSTRUCTION EDITOR, and you should insert your own TRACKS datacassette now, ensuring it is at the correct position for loading your TRACKS.

When you are ready to RACE, a menu is displayed with the numbers 1 to 4 listed.

To select the number of PLAYERS, press the 1 key until the screen displays the correct number.

To select the control method that will be used by PLAYER ONE and PLAYER TWO, press the 2 and 3 keys respectively, until the screen displays the desired control options.

A menu now shows a graphic outline of all eight tracks - you have several seconds to SELECT the TRACK you wish to begin RACING from. The highlighted TRACK is the one you will RACE, and to move the highlight to SELECT your TRACK, use LEFT and RIGHT as necessary.

Rules Of The Track
You'll soon find yourself on the START GRID with the other competitors. Your aim is to be the first in the Winners Circle, on every TRACK, beating all of the others. To do this, you must be the first to complete four complete laps across the START GRID using the correct route. The DRONE (computer) cars are the trickiest of opponents, as they never make mistakes, but they can be beaten by skillful driving.

When racing, try to collect the SPANNERS that will randomly appear - collect four and you can gain some valuable bonus extra for your car - these will help to give you an advantage against your competitors in the next race!

You control your car by pressing FIRE to accelerate, and by steering LEFT and RIGHT. To slow down, simply take your finger off the FIRE button.