Chicken Race
Copyright/Publisher: Lowbit Software, Programmed, Font & Graphics By: Daniel Hindrikson, Additional Graphics By:
Camilla Håkansson, Music By: Tobias Svensson, Release Year: 2001, Genre: Athletics, Number Of Players: 2


In the year 100 AD a new sporting event became popular among the citizens on planet earth. The rules were not just simple, nut also lethal and rather silly.

The two athletes run towards a dangerous object, for instance a mutated penguin, to get as close to the object as possible without crashing into it.

The player stopping closest to the object gains one point. The player with most points after 3 rounds wins.

If P1 runs into the object P2 wins, and the other way around.

If both crash, its game over!

P1 use button on Joy1,
P2 use button on Joy 2 to stop your character.