Circus Attractions
Copyright/Publisher: Golden Goblins, Music By: Chris Hülsbeck Release Year: 1989, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Your aim is to collect the bonus symbols by jumping up, while doing saltos to entertain the spectators.
Joystick up/down: Bounce on the trampolin or stretch/sit in air.
Joystick left/right: Salto forwards/backwards.
While pressing fire: Slow down the movement.

Tightrope Walking
Your aim is to keep your balance.
Joystick left/right: Balance.
Joystick up-left/up-right: Strong balance.
Fire: Jump.
Fire + joystick up: Salto backwards.
Fire + joystick down: Get on your hands.

Your aim is to juggle as many balls as long as possible.
Fire: Take ball.
Joystick left: Throw ball in the right hand.
Joystick down: Kick balance ball with the right foot.
Joystick up: Jump.
Joystick right: Throw club with left hand.

Knife Throwing
The hair-cross shows where the knife will hit.
Aim with the joystick.
Trigger down: Take knife.
Trigger up: Throw knife.

Clown Jumping
Your aim is to collect bonuses and to entertain the spectators.
Joystick up-left/up-right: Clown jumps in a high curve.
Joystick left/right: Clown jumps in a medium curve.
Joystick down-left/down-right: Clown jumps in a low curve.
Joystick left/right in flight: Correct flying curve.
Fire: Waiting clown changes sides.