Circus Games
Copyright/Publisher: Keypunch Software, Developed By: Novotrade,
Release Year: 1988, Genre: Multi Events, Number Of Players: 1



Enter the Big Top and actually become a part of the fabulous Circus! Hear the lions and tigers growl in their cages, smell the sawdust underneath your feet, and feel the crowds eyes upon you as you prepare for incredible feats of skill and daring! Four action-packed activities in all!

Unicycle Rider Richie
Climb upon your unicycle and circle the Big Top as you try to kick the brightly colored balls found on the tent floor. Don't move too quickly or you might lose your balance!

Tightrope Timmie
Keep your eyes open and your body steady as you walk the tricky tight rope. If you make it across the rope, you must grab your unicycle and ride it back! Whatever you do, Willie, don't look down!

Seal Trainer Sam
Become a famous Seal Trainer! Toss the brightly colored balls to the silly seals and catch the balls as they throw them back! Watch out...two troublesome monkeys will try to steal the balls away from you!

Trapeze Artist Tommie
Last but not least...presenting Tommie, the daring young man on the Flying Trapeze! Now you can thrill the crowds as you fly in the air performing incredible somersaults and the dangerous 'salto mortale'! Be careful...timing is very critical!


Circus Games is a game which allows you a chance to be a circus performer. In the game you will have a chance to prove your skills in unicycle riding, tight rope walking, seal timing, and the trapeze.

AT THE BEGINNING: After entering your name and skill level, move the magician across the bottom of the screen with the joystick, and use the fire button to choose which event you want to try.


The object is to kick the balls lying on the ground out the door you came in. Use the joystick to steet your unicycle, but don't move too fast! If you move too fast you will lose your balance and fall. If you fall, your unicycle bonus is decreased by 1. For each ball kicked out the door, your ball bonus increases by 1.

Tight Rope Walking

The object is to walk along the rope to the other side, get your unicycle, and ride back. You have to use the joystick to keep your balance. If you are successful, your unicycle bonus is increased by 1. If you fal, your trapeze bonus is decreased by 1.

Seal Tiaming

A ball us lying on the ground, and you have to throw it to one of your seals. If you get the ball to your seal, he will throw it back to you. There are two monkeys running about, trying to get the ball from you. If they succeed, they will start throwing the ball wildly about, until you get it back, or the ball leaves the arena.

When you want to leave the arena, simply walk out of the rear doors. By standing in the right spot, you can trap the monkeys in the holes in the ground. If you do this, your monkey bonus will increase by 1. If the monkeys throw the ball out into the audience, your ball bonus will decrease by 1.


The object is to do a perfect salto mortale to the other trapeze. Moving the joystick up or down will allow you to either sit and swing or hang down and get ready for your jump. Before you can jump, you have to swing the first trapeze to its maximum height. Then hang down and push the fire button when you want to jump. Timing is very critical. If you fall, your doll bonus will decrease by 1. If you are ful, your doll bonus will increae by 1.

At The End

The game ends when all your bonuses have reached zero. Remember that being successful in one event may allow you to compete in another. When the game is over, you may enter your name on the high score list of you qualify.