Classic Trainer
Copyright/Publisher: GTI Software, Release Year: 1989, Genre: Horse Sports, Number Of Players: 1

Have you got what it takes to train a Derby winner? MANAGEMENT STRATEGY

As the owner of a stable of horses, it is your ambition to train one or more of your stable to win the greatest 14 furlong race in the calendar. To achieve this you must deduce the horses' ideal racing distance, and by a combination of training and racing, increase their class and fitness to a degree which will enable them to win the ultimate race of the season - the Derby.

A season consists of 20 weeks; a week will have passed after the completion of a race meeting, either by choosing to enter a race, or the NO ENTRY option. Choose RACECARD OPTION to go to the race meeting. STABLE returns you to check on your horses before deciding to enter a race. All other options can be reached from STABLE screen, including LOAN, VET.

It is important to establish as early as possible over which distance the horses run best. Each horse is suited to one distance only, so it is fair to assume that if a horse wins a race, that race was its best distance. You can use the NOTES option to record short remarks about each horse as you discover its strengths and weaknesses.

The fitness of a horse will increase by 1 each week you enter a race. You may also try to improve fitness by the use of one or more WORKOUTs. If a horse is overtrained (i.e. when it is already at peak fitness of 9), it will become unfit, or even injured. A horse will not race well if its fitness is poor.

A horse's class is the key to success in Classic Trainer, as the big prize money can only be earned in the higher class races. Class can only be increased by winning a race of higher class than the horse, but if you enter a race of too high a class, your horse may extend itself too much and be injured. An injury will also reduce the class of the horse! You may not enter a race where the class is lower than that of the horse.

You must maintain a stable of 5, so before you buy a new horse, you must sell one of your current steeds. You may just be fed up with one, or it may be necessary if none of them can run 14 furlongs!

The Derby takes place in the last week of each season; in order to have a chance of winning, you will need a class 9 horse at peak fitness, cable of winning at 14 furlongs - and don't forget to keep enough in the bank for each entry fee!

Don't expect to win the Derby in the first season! You will need plenty of cash to keep the stable running, so it will probably be necessary to borrow money (don't leave it too late!) and place a few bets (maximum 5000) to keep your head above water in the early part of the game. Each horse has its preferred going, which can affect its performance.

(C) GTI SOFTWARE 1989. Written by Steve Bye.

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