Commodore Sixty-Fore
Copyright/Publisher: Commodore Magazine, Programmed By: Mike Lewis,
Release Year: 1989, Genre: Golf, Number Of Players: 1 to 4


From Commodore Magazine February 1989

We published a Commodore Magazine golf program a few issues ago. In that text file I used up all of my golf jokes so how about if I just copy the article from the Commodore Magazine for the text file for this golf program?

Take it away, CM editors!


COMMODORE SIXTY-FORE is an exciting miniature golf game for the Commodore 64. SIXTY-FORE will provide you and your friends with hours of golfing enjoyment, even if it's raining.

SIXTY-FORE has nine holes, and a couple of them may take time to master. Of course the game is more fun with more players. You can have up to four per game.

After SIXTY-FORE boots up, the title screen will show for about ten seconds while the game sets up. after entering the number of players, the screen will draw a section of a golf course with one ball and one hole. The golf club circles around the ball. At the right of the screen you will see all the necessary information such as the hole number, the par for the hole, the score for all players, the round of play, instructions and which player is up.

When the golf club is at the desired angle, press F1 and then enter the speed at which you want the ball to travel (Zero is the slowest, nine the fastest).

The ball will move according to your input. Hopefully it will come to a rest in the hole. With each new hole, the screen will change colors and a new configuration will be set up. When all nine holes are finished, the final screen will show the total score for each player in terms of par for the course. The lower the score, the better you played. The lowest score wins.

SIXTY-FORE will provide you with hours of minature golf action, rain or shine, night or day. And best of all you don't have to pay to play!

YOUR EDITOR IS BACK: I've found a couple of unorthodox angles to putt on certain holes that will give me a hole-in-one. I wouldn't be surprised if there are hole-in-one shots on all of the holes except for the real long ones.