Continental Circus
Copyright/Publisher: The Sales Curve/Virgin Mastertronic/Taito Corporation, Programmed By: Pete Hickinson & Bill Caunt, Graphics By: Mark Edwards, Release Year: 1988, Genre: Formula One, Number Of Players: 1

To qualify as a Formula One driver. Experience all the thrills of the arcade original as you stretch your driving skills to the limit. Eight international circuits have to be conquered in a series of gruelling races. Are you up to it?

Your aim is simple. To prove to the racing world in general (and to your team manager in particular) that you have the skills and experience to drive Formaula One machines.

Such honours are not easily earned.

Only a handful people in the world are allowed to compete at Formula One level, and entry to that elite club is restricted to the most talented drivers.

After years of racing, you are now ready to take up the challenge, a challenge that will entitle you to compete with the finest drivers, the elite of motor racing. A challenge known as the Continental Circus

The Continental Circus consists of a series of eight races, each run on a different track in a different country. To complete the series and earn the right to compete at Formula One level, a driver has to enter the Circus and finish races inside a qualifying position set for each successive track.

In theory, failure to qualify on a single track spells disqualification - the whole sequence of eight circuits has to be started again from scratch.

However, drivers entering the Circus are given 4 "lives" or "credits". Should you fail to qualify on a track, you can exchange a credit for the opportunity to compete in another race on that track instead of being forced to return to the first race in the sequence.

Your car has very simple controls - a high/low gear-shift and an accelerator combine to control speed, while left/right controls govern your position on the track.

Watch the clock that ticks off the seconds of race time. When it runs out completely, the race finishes and your are assigned your current position in the field. Extra race time is earned by passing checkpoints located around the track within a time limit.

Avoid collisions wherever possible - they cost valuable time and can lead to pit calls - if the car is damaged, get into the pits as soon as possible rather than soldiering bravely on. Race time is stopped while you are in the pits, so getting things fixed does not ham your chances of qualifying, but if you continue racing with a damaged car it will perform badly and eventually blow up!

Of course, the going gets tougher the further you go: Each successive track in the Circus sets greater challenges. And watch out for the rain... It affects the car's handling characteristics quite dramatically.

Use joystick in either port.

[UP] - Speed Up.
[DOWN] - Slow Down.
[LEFT] - Steer Left.
[RIGHT] - Steer Right.
[FIRE] - Change Gear.

[F3] - Turn Music/Sound Effects Off.
[F5] - Turn Sound Effects On.
[SHIFT Q] - Quit Current Game.