Crazy Cars 2
Copyright/Publisher: Titus Software, Release Year: 1990, Genre: Racing Sports, Number Of Players: 1


F3 key switches the sound on on/off.
F7 key holds/pauses the game.
During the game, you are controlling your Ferrari F40 with a joystick or one of the following keys: A, Z < and >

A or Joystick Up - accelerate
Z or Joystick Down - brake
< or Joystick Left - Left
> or Joystick Right - Right
Space Bar - Changes gear between high and low.

At the end of the game, you can put your name beside your score. You do this by choosing the letters of your name one by one with the cursor. You move the cursor with the arrow keys on the keyboard. Press the space bar to store each individual letter. When you have finished entering your name, move the cursor to the END display and press the space bar again. Your new score is now stored on the disk.

This time you're at the wheel of the fabolous Ferrari F40 and in a race against time in a bid to smash a stolen car racket - the only problem is the guys involved in the racket are corrupt policemen!

As you go tearing through four states of American in search of the corrupt police, you will also have problems with the honest road cops who don'tt appreciate the sight of a Ferrari F40 crossing their state at 200 miles per hour....But, it ain't that easy....

You must plan your route carefully from the maps of each state which are displayed on screen and which show the actual American freeways that you will travel on - Be careful, the shortest routes aren't always the easiest as the sight and sound of a blue flashing light will soon make you realise.

Your Ferrari is equiped with the latest radar which will enable you to detect police road blocks which may have been set up to catch you, therefore keep an eye on the Freeway junctions as you may be forced to change your route!

At the beginning of the game, your starting position and the location you have to reach will be shown on the map. You will have to consult the map frequently in order to know the correct direction to take.

At each crossroad, your on board computer will indicate the direction and number of the road you can take. The game represents the actual roads of the 4 dtates of the America that you can travel in.

If you notice a road which would connect the one you're on, you can cut across fields, but watch out for telegraph poles and milestones!

As soon as you start your engine, the countdown will start. If it reaches zero, your Ferrari will explode!

Score and Bonus
Your score will increase with the distance covered. At the end of each stage, a bonus will be added to your score. At the beginning of the 1st chase, your bonus counter will be set to 10000 points (20000 at the 2nd chase, 30000 at the 3rd one....).

For each chase bonus the time allowed corresponds to the ideal route as estimated by your on board computer. The counter goes down rapidly with the distance covered. Your bonus will be earned if you arrive at your destination before the timer reaches zero.

8 bit machines versions
The TITUS team has edited the 8 bit versions of this game which was originally created for the Amiga. On the 8 bit versions, some secondary phases had to be cut out.