Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge
Copyright/Publisher: Ocean Software Ltd, Programmed By: Richard Palmer & David Collier, Sound By:
Jonathan Dunn, Graphics By: John Palmer, Release Year: 1988, Genre: Athletics, Number Of Players: 1

Daley's back....with the chances for you to take on his gruelling role in the ten olympic decathlon events.

This time the gold medal is not enough, you're out to beat the world record as well and accumulate over 9000 points, only then will you qualify for the role of the "world's greatest athlete".

An exhausting work out in the gym will help you get started, where under the watchful eye of your coach, you can build up your strength and power to the maximum.

Only then will you be in a position to pit your stamina against the record book and like daley enter the arena of the all-time greats.

The game may be controlled by joystick in port 1.

A bottle of lucozade (portraying your energy level) is shown at the top of the screen. At the start of each training session, the bottle will be empty and the more exercise you do, the more bottle will be awarded a can of lucozade.

Train will and you can achieve a maximum of 3 cans (i.e. one per ssion). To use these cans, you will be given the option at the start of each event to implement extra energy. This will help you in your weaker areas, but make sure you choose wisely as each one only provides one chance of assistance.

At the start of each event, a menu will be presented from which you must select the correct adidas footwear for the heat failure to make right choice will result in an inferior performance.

If however you do select wrongly, the correct shoe will be indicated after the choice has been made. Make a note of this for next time.

In all events, power is all-important. Continuous left and right joystick movement builds up the power. This is most important in the track events e.g. 100m, 400m, 1500m, and also the high jump.

However, in the 1500m, once you have built up your power, then only a small rate of left and right movement is needed to sustain your speed.

In the remaining events, the pressing of the "fire" button at the correct moment is essential. For instance, in the 110m hurldes, the depression of "fire" at the "precise moment" is needed to clear the hurdles if any are knocked over then your power is reduced.

Long Jump
To succeed in the long jump you must build up power on your run up. When you hear a "beep" your power will lock. Press "fire" as close to the line as possible, holding the "fire" button to set the angle....

High Jump
Select height by pushing joystick. Remember-- you cannot lower the bar once it has been raised. Build up power until you hear the "beep" then push up on joystick to get closer to the bar.

Remember - do not over run or over shoot middle of bar - this will abort your attempt. Press "fire" button to take off, push up to reduce angle over bar.

Waggle joystick to build up power. When the power is above half way, press "fire" button to start daley spinning. Now push up to adjust the angle the discus will be thrown.

When you hear the "beep" press fire to release the discus before Daley goes out of the circle.....

Shot Put
Waggle joystick to build up power. When there is enough power, press "fire" to adjust the angle, then release it to throw the shot put

Waggle joystick to make Daley run. When the "beep" sounds, press "fire" to adjust the angle, then throw the javelin by releasing the "fire" button.

Pole Vault
Select height as in high jump, build power as in high jump. Press "fire" when pole tip is over vault bar.

Your skills and enjoyment will improve with practice and you'll probably develop new techniques of winning yourself!!!!


* The selection of the correct adidas trainers is vital for a good performance. Through trial and error you will discover which trainers suit which event.

* In the javelin, try to get throwing angle around 45 degrees for maximum distance.

* In the shot put and discus, perfect timing, a reasonble angle and getting as close as possible to the edge is essential for a good throw.

* In the 1500m, once you have built up your power to it's maximum, a smaller rate of "left" and "right" movement is needed to keep your speed up.

* Save your cans of lucozade for events requiring endurance and speed.