Daley Thompson's Super Test
Copyright/Publisher: Ocean Software, Written By: T.R. Sanders,
Music By: Martin Galway, Release Year: 1986, Genre: Multi Events, Number Of Players: 1

Daley Thompson's Supertest is an eight event game. You have four lives and must pit your skills and agility against the computer and the clock. Failure to "qualify" in any of the events will fofeit a life.

Joystick in Port 2
[LEFT] = Push Left
[RIGHT] = Push Right
[UP] = Push Up
[DOWN] = Push Down
[FIRE] = Push Fire-Button

1. Pistol Shooting
2. Cycling
3. Spring Board Diving
4. Giant Slalom

The game is designed to test finger co-ordination and fast response is required particularly as you reach more difficult skill levels. Wait until on of the six targets turns towards you, aim the sight using the Joystick in Port 2 and fire at the cross-wires at the centre.

Points are awarded for accurate shooting(600 for a bullseye). There are three chances to qualify and you are allowed 10 shots per qualification round.

Hint: It is easier if you move the sight diagonally towards the target allowing more time for fine correction.

Wait for the starting gun - you're off; now alternate your joystick in Port 2 for maximum speed in this sprint against time. (Only one chance to qualify on this test of stamina).

You are allowed 3 attempts at each dive. When ready press the fire button to begin bouncing (to gain more height press again as you touch the board).

The diver springs 3 times before diving off, when repeated left/right depressions will make him somersault.

Cease movement when the diver is about to enter the water, head first for maximum score. Four judges give marks (0-9) for:
a) Take Off
b) Number of Somersaults
c) Dive Finish
d) Overall Grace

Hint: On take off off (bouncing) pressing the fire button at the lowest position gives maximum points and also extra height for more somersaults. Overall grace depends on the position of entry in the water.

Wait for the green starting light. Push off is automatic, then control skiier's movement guiding him down the course, through the sets of flag poles, by using your joystick in Port 2.

To complete the run correctly you must pass through all gates in a specified time. (You have 2 chances to qualify).

Hint: Skiing directly down the slope will give you maximum speed, sharp turns will cut your pace dramatically, as will contact with the flag poles. Avoid any objects on the side off the slopes as these can prove fatal.

1. Rowing
2. Penalties
3. Ski Jump
4. Tug O'War

Wait for the starting pistol! Use continuous left/right movement to increase your speed. You are racing against both the clock and your CPU opponent. (You must beat the clock to qualify but coming in first gives extra bonus points).

Your player will run forwards the spot, use alternative left/right to build up the power for the shot. When the ball is reached, press fire to kick.

The direction of the ball is determined by the timing of the kick and the angle is altered by the length of time that the fire button is depressed. You have 5 shots and to qualify you must score 3 goals.

The pistol signals the gate to open and you begin to ski down the slope. You must use this period to increase your energy store (continuous left/right movement) enabling the jump to be substained for a longer time.

As you reach the end of the slope press the fire button to enable the skiier to leap into the air (the nearer to the end of the slope the better).

As your man touches down on the snow press fire button again but be careful, good timing is all important to avoid a nasty fall! You have 3 chances to qualify.

First choose your opponent (point with the cursor arrow and press fire to select).

To qualify you must select an opponent with matching ability (or above) as indicated on the screen.

Now to do "Battle" use continuous left/right controls to increase the overall power and drag your adversary over the boundary!

You have 3 chances to qualify.

When you complete all the tests the day restarts and you can compete again at a more difficult level