Death Sword
Copyright/Publisher: Maxx Out!/Epyx/Palace Software, Programming by: Stanley Schembri,
Designed by: Steve Brown, Sound by: Richard Joseph, Assistant Artist: Gary Carr,
Release Year: 1988 Genre: Fighting Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2


   You are Gorth, son of Toth, King of the Northlands. You've
crossed Windhorn Pass on your way south to Eleanora, capital of
the Warm Country. After many days of travel, you come upon a tiny
city and make your way to the Balack Stallion Inn.

   That evening while sipping ale before the fire, you learn of
the cities' troubles. The locals tell you how the evil sorcerer
Drax imprisioned Princess Mariana, and how he came to be the
overlord of their city. It  seems that Princess Marina is the
daughter of Heraldo, the true ruler of the city and the
surrounding countryside. Several months ago, Heraldo mysteriously
disappeared adn Drax seized his throne. Shorthly thereafter,
Princess Mariana returned home to the capital after a tour of the
countryside, only to be seized by Drax's evil gaurds as the
sorverer's future bride.

   Drax, you find, is a tyrant who rules without mercy. Though
most townspeople oppose him, few dare so openly. Those who have
done so have died. Many rumors say Drax is a man possessing evil
powers, and that he caan see into men's minds and hearts. Anyone
who kills Drax adn restores the Princess to her rightful throne
will become a hero until the end of time. The wealth and riches
of the realm will also be his reward.

   You decide to take the challenge and your companions offer you
the services of the finest swordsmen of the land to help train.
One of your traniers has even attempted to save the Princess and
managed to escape alive. He explains that you will be forced to
fight several warriors at different locations, and that Drax
moves you with his mind between the castle's throne room, an
enchanted forest, a lava pit, and finally, a forgotten dungeon in
the palace. There, in the dungeon, you may even fight Drax
himself....provided you slay his barbarian guards first.

   After several days of intense training, you approach Drax's
castle armed only with your broadsword. Entering the throne room,
you see Drax with his shaved skull and evil grin. Next to Drax
sits Princess Mariana. One look and you know why men ahve died
for her. You realize wealth is not the only thing worth fighting
for. You're so distracted you almost fail to notice Fundor, one
of Drax's barbarian guards, coming straight at you swinging his
broadsword. Off to the side of the hideous greenish creature,
slobbering in anticipation of blood.

   "That's Grundel," says Drax. "He's just waiting for you to die
so he can take you to lunch....his!" Drax laughs horribly as
Fundor begins raining blows on your broadsword. "Can you last
hero? Can you last? Or will you become pet food jsut like the


As you fight the barbarian warriors, remember it takes 12 blows
with your broardsword to kill your opponent, except in special
cases. A single blow, done the right way, may make you the victor
early in the fight. But your opponent can do the same to you, so

Points are awarded based on the difficulty of the move you make.
The more difficult the move, the more points you will earn.

Joystick Controls

The following instructions are for a right facing character. For
a left facing character, the moves are reversed.

Joystick Directions Without the     Joystick Directions With the
      FIRE BUTTON pressed                FIRE BUTTON pressed    

protect      jump       protect     web         neck        head
head                       body     of          chop        butt

move                       move     flying                  body
back          0         forward     neck chop    0          chop

roll                       roll     overhead     leg            
back       crouch       forward     chop        chop        kick

note: you may need to set printer to 75 columns for this to
display correctly.

For the Atari ST & Amiga

One player mode: Fight 10 of Drax's swordsmen, each one more
skillful than the last. Fight in the enchanted forest, the lava
pits, the throne room and finally the dungeon. If you survive
this far, you must face Drax himself before you have freed
Princess Mariana. There is no time limit, but you must kill every
barbarian, or be killed yourself. In the center of the score
line, a number indicates the current round. At the end of each
game you may add your initials to the high score table.

Two player mode: Fighting alternates between the enchanted forest
and the lava pits. Each round can last up to 90 seconds. If both
players survive the time limit, they will regain their time
limit,and a new battle will begin. Scores will increase until one
player is defeated.

Additional Keys

   - Press F1 to select one player mode with joystick.
   - Press F3 to select two player mode with joystick.
   - Press F9 to toggle between music and sound effects.
   - Press F10 to quit the game.
   - Press P to pause the game.

Good luck Warrior - may good spirits be with you!