Copyright/Publisher: Activision, Created By: David Crane,
Adapted By: Action Graphics, Release Year: 1984, Genre: Athletics, Number Of Players: 1 to 4

"If it's just a game, why am I so out of breath?"

Because of ten very physical events. And two on-screen contestants who will bend your biceps and trigger your adrenaline. When the competition begins, you'll see.

And feel.

How to Play:
How to Start
Press [1], [2], [3], or [4] for the number of players. In multi-player mode, the first and third decathletes compete against the computer. Single players always compete against the computer.

Press [S] or [A] for Single Event or All Events

In Single Event press [1] - [0] to pick your event. Press [F7] to return to menu.

In All Events press the joystick button to advance to the next event once the current event ends.

Single Event Play
If [S] is selected, a menu appears. Press the keyboard number corresponding to the event in which you wish to compete.

After completing an event, press the joystick button to repeat that event, or [F7] to return to the menu.

All Event Play
If A is selected, press the joystick button to advance to next event once current event ends.

To return to initial selection screen, select Restart Game from the File menu.

Special Highlights
Strength Bar -- Registers your relative running or approach speed throughout each event. The faster you move, the closer the bar moves to the right-hand limit.

Real-Time Clock -- Counts the minutes, seconds, and fractions of seconds during all races.

Scratch Line -- Don't cross the scratch line before pressing the joystick button for appropriate events. (See "Events", below)

Distance Measure -- Distance is measured on-screen in meters for appropriate events.

Current Contestant -- The number 1, 2, 3, or 4 appears directly next to the strength bars to remind contestants which decathlete is competing.

100 Meter Dash
- One opportunity. The quicker your time, the higher your points.

Long Jump
- Three attempts allowed. Begin with a 30-meter running start, then press the joystick button just before you reach the scratch line.

- Three attempts allowed. Move as quickly as you can to the scratch line, then press the joystick button.

High Jump
- Allowed a maximum of three attempts at each height. Run the 30-meter approach, then press the joystick button to jump. Successfully "clear" a height and the crossbar raises.

400 Meter Race
- One opportunity. A middle-distance race.

110 Meter Hurdles
- The hurdles are at 10-meter intervals. You won't be disqualified for "spilling" a hurdle, but it will slow you down. Press the joystick button to jump the hurdle.

- Three attempts allowed. Approach the scratch line as quickly as possible, then press the joystick button.

Pole Vault
- Allowed a maximum of three attempts at each height. Run to the vault pit and plant your pole by pressing the joystick button. Continue to move the joystick as you vault, and, at the peak, press the joystick button again to release the pole. Successfully clear a height and the crossbar raises.

- Three attempts allowed. Run to the scratch line, then press the joystick button.

1500 Meter Race
- One chance in this final event. Pace yourself, then, give it your all!

Keyboard Controls:
Function Key Description [F7] Return to menu during Single Event Play

- The numeric keys [1] through [0] are used to select the number of players and specify which single event to play.

- The [A] and [S] keys are used to select All Events or Single Event.

Joystick Controls:
Rapidly move joystick to the left and right to run or approach the scratch line. Press the joystick button to jump or throw. See Events for more information on how to play each event.

Earn points for each event. Screen displays event score following each attempt, and total score after each event. Score 1,000 points during any attempt, and a musical tribute will be your reward. Only the highest event score is added to your total.

You might try holding the joystick differently to see which way is the easiest for you to get speed and power.

In the long jump, shot put, javelin, and discus events, try to get a good first score, then really push yourself on the next two attempts. Since you already have a score, there is no chance of scoring zero points.

In the 1500-meter race, you do not need to run at top speed for the first 1300 meters. Pace yourself and only move the joystick or tap the keyboard as fast as necessary to keep yourself at the top speed allowed for that part of the race.

Game History:
David Crane, Designer and Programmer;
"The idea for Decathlon was to have a video game that people could actually work up a sweat playing - it was meant to be different than what people normally associated with 'video game'.

The 'wiggle' joystick interface game was fairly unique at the time, too. We made it so that you really had to work to get your athlete to move." Anyone who's tried finishing "All events" will certainly testify that you can work up a sweat quite easily playing Decathlon!

The Commodore 64 version was essentially the same game as the Atari 2600 version, with improved graphics and sound.

In addition to Decathlon, David Crane also worked on Little Computer People Project and Pitfall. He is still working in the computer game industry for a company he co-founded called Absolute Entertainment.

{gold} 10,000 points!
{silver} 9,000 points!
{bronze} 8,600 points!

When Decathlon was originally released, consumers had the ability to join the "Club of Champions". A score of 8,600 to 8,999 earned a Bronze medal, 9,000 to 10,000 earned a Silver Medal, and 10,000 or more won you the prestigious Gold Medal. (Colors may vary.)

NOTE: This offer is no longer valid! Please do not send correspondence regarding this offer.