Derby Day
Copyright/Publisher: CRL Group PLC, Programmed By: Pete G. Curtis,
Release Year: 1983, Genre: Horse Sports, Number Of Players: 1 to 4


There are 7 races in a meeting and you must try to win as much as possible from "honest Clive" the bookmaker as you can. Up to five players can play at a time and they can bet on whatever horse they wish. For instance, all five players betting on horse 1 is allowable.

If a player changes his mind while gambling is still taking place, he can change his wager even though his original bet is registered with honest Clive. His new bet is entered in the usual way and the last wager is counted as void. Placing a bet is prompted on screen by "honest Clive", while pressing key 9 ends the gambling and starts the race In this way a player need not bet on a race, as pressing key nine begins the race even is no one has gambled.

The final stretch of the race is in slow motion & after a horse has reached the winning post there is a photo for places. The horse coming in second receives a quarter of his quoted odds.

The "pence" option and gambling options 3 & 4 are to allow a member of the family to become "honest Clive"'s partner and make an actual book on which the family can gamble for pennies.

We wish you a good days racing


Welcome to a day at the races!

The race meeting lasts for 7 races, and up to 4 players may bet on any of the 4 horses in each race. (A fifth player may act as bookmaker.)

An initial stake of 100 (or 100P) is provided. See who has most at the end! (all stakes, bets & wins are rounded to the nearest whole unit.)

Options available:-
1 to 4 players.
or P stakes etc.

3 versions of odds
FUN - (ODDS UP TO 15/1)
DEAD SERIOUS - YOU ENTER THE ODDS! (From 99/1 to 1/99!)

Any number of players may back the same horse or not bet at all. Bets may be changed (before the race starts!) by re-entering your bet. Players may only back 1 horse per race and only up to their current stake.

No credit bets! If you go broke you will not be allowed a bet at all!

Horses names, colours and odds are chosen at random for each race.

(32 horses' names are stored)
Each horse retains it's own colour, and jockey colour however. 4 horse colours and 8 jockey colours are used to enable a unique set for each horse.)