Double Sphere
Copyright/Publisher: Digial Excess/Double Density, Coding By: Thomas Koncina, Graphics By: Arndt Heitkamp,
Soundtrack By: Stefan Hartwig, Release Year: 1990, Genre: Weird Sports, Number Of Players: 1 or 2

Digital Ecxess welcomes you to the : Double Sphere instructionn.

We just wrote this short info 'cos some of our friends had difficulties to survey this game. So here is a short list of what you are going to see.

At first you may think this game is a bit chaotic, but it isn't!!! The aim is to shoot as many goals as possible in five minutes. There are two teams playing against each other. Each team consists of two members: The player and his bat.

The player is able to move in eight directions all over the screen. He can hold the ball until he shoots it away or he is hit by the opponent. If the two players bump together, the ball flies away in the resulting direction.

The other team-member is the bat. This bat can hold the ball for five seconds only, then it will shoot automatically in the direction, its tube is pointing at. The bat is twice as fast as the player is. Though it is forced to move in two directions on the ground, use it wisely for passes and shoots, when you want to win the match.

Other objects:
The goals are moving up and down on both sides of the playfield, so it is not that easy to shoot a goal. But if you train a while, you'll find the right way.

The last object, we want to introduce to you is the trouble-bat. This bat is moving left and right, rereflecting the ball, when hitting it. So if you are a good player just use it for passes and purgatory shoots.