Eddie Kidd Jump Challenge
Copyright/Publisher: Martech Software Communications, Programmed By: J.P. Gibbons,
Release Year: 1984, Genre: Motorcycling Sports, Number Of Players: 1

If you've ever wondered how it feels to be Eddie Kidd...defying danger and gravity, soaring on a motor-bike over a long line of cars...here's your chance to find out!

This fabolous new game - Jump Challenge - has been produced for you by Martech, with a lot of help from Eddie himself.

At the age of 12, Eddie Kidd was jumping over oil barrels on a bicycle. At 19, he shattered the world record with is astounding leap of 190 feet - clearing 14 double-decker buses.

Can you match his skill, courage, control and ice-cool nerve? Jump Challenge will show how you compare with the King of Motor-Cycle Stunts!

Just like Eddie, you'll start by trying to cleat barrels on a bicycle... gradually working up to attempting Eddie's daring leaps which have thrilled millions around the world!

* 100% machine code
* separate control of bike and rider for incredible realism
* dangerous headwinds for added difficulty
* scoring system - for successful jumps
* joystick or keyboard option
* PLUS!!! You can enter the Official International Jump Challenge Competition!
Details on cassette insert

1. Push button or move joystick to go to options screen.

2. Move stick left or right to choose Steering Control Envelope.

3. Push button to switch to the track selector, then move joystick left or right to select Scotland/England/Wales, America or Australia.

4. Then push joystick forward to commence play.