Elektra Glide
Copyright/Publisher: English Software/Mastertronic, Created by: Adam Billyard,
Release Year: 1986, Genre: Weird Sports, Number Of Players: 1

Alone on a superbike in the wide open spaces... You gotta go - no man knows where - into the smooth new mindframe.

Straddle the saddle, select steering sensitivity, a country and go! Moving at incredible speeds through 100% hi-res landscapes. Nothing to hear but the pulsing soundtrack, nothing to see but the perspective scrolling sightsurround, gliding into mindplay on the awesome Elektraglide machine.

You take fork bends, junctions, tunnels with the bends as fast as you dare. It's all up to you! But you are not alone!!!

Sky and track are strewn with obstacles -slicks to send you skidding, 3D smart globes which tap into your progress and rush towards you. Hit a bend and listen for a rocket - itīs beaming electrostatic right down at you.

And as you're rolling on, time is running out. Hit the gas - you gotta reach a time tunnel. There's no future without it. But once you're through the road rolls on and you're back to the present - alone and on a superbike in the wide open spaces.

Elektraglide - The First Fantasy Racing Epic.

1. Push button or move joystick to go to options screen.

2. Move stick left or right to choose Steering Control Envelope.

3. Push button to switch to the track selector, then move joystick left or right to select Scotland/England/Wales, America or Australia.

4. Then push joystick forward to commence play.

Simple: Stay on the track at all costs, and reach the tunnel leading to the start of the next section.

The Countdown Timer on the left indicates the amount of time units left to reach the next section.

The Velocity Indicator on the right indicates your current velocity, up to a maximum of 60 units.

The 6 digit scoring system is based upon distance travelled and hazards avoided.

1. Select the steering control envelope that best suits your joystick.

2. The attacking spheres are intelligent and sense your position at all times: be careful!!!

3. Listen out for the rocket overhead on bends: it will beam down attacking electrostatic columns which hinder your progress!

4. Donīt over-steer in the tunnels!

5. Observer the shadows at all times: it helps avoid collisions!

6. Listen for the audible timer warning: time is running out!

Use joystick in port two.

Pause mode: Any key except [RESTORE] will pause and continue the game.

Restart: Press the [RESTORE] key to restart, this will also reset the options you selected.